Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The 3/4 birthday boy playing with trains last night. He wants to do anything that brother is doing!
I am looking at the baby video monitor right now and I can see Henry rolling around, then on all fours rocking back and forth, then pulling up and peering over the edge of the crib. He's discovered that he can do all kinds of neat tricks and now he's too cool for a nap. He basically has to wear himself out to get to sleep. Our little baby boy turned 9 months old yesterday! I know! I can't believe it, either! It seems like he was just born, but then I also don't remember what life was like without him.
Of course, we sang the birthday song to him, but I also saw him really pulling up (to his knees, thank goodness) for the first time yesterday. OH NO!!
Here's my little guy today (during nap time- he was so awake that I got him out of the crib to wear him out a little- so if you hear waves in the background it's because the sound machine is still on) trying to crawl. He crawled a few paces and I got a good video on my phone to send to Jason, but he was plumb tuckered with all the showing off by the time I got to the camera.

Also, Henry has decided that he's too big for baby food. He likes to feed himself and doesn't like you trying to feed him with a spoon- to the point that he's batting it away. Good thing I have tons of baby food in the pantry, right? So, I will take any and all tips for foods that he can feed himself. And remember that he only has 2 bottom teeth!
I remember this food stage being hard with Ollie, too. I think I had a lot of soups that I drained and rinsed for him to eat the chunks out of: vegetable soup, chicken noodle, etc. Any other tips are more than welcome.
OK, I've got to go regulate upstairs. He is pulling up and beating on the crib- like he's got a tin cup in prison. Oh my!


Carrie said...

We had the same issue with Maya not wanting the baby food. My pediatrician said anything small and soft is fine even if he can't chew it. So we did a lot of peas, beans - green, black, pinto; small chunks of cheese, banana, blueberries, baked potato and pasta. Mostly, whatever vegetable I was cooking for us, I cooked extra long for Maya. It was messy, but it has worked for us so far. Her one-year checkup was great!

Emily said...

oh, he is just too cute. he's ALMOST got it! i was getting frustrated for him..and then when he almost had the book, you pulled it back!!. what a mean mommy..j/k.

annieck said...

Way to go, Harris! I LOVE the army crawl. SO precious!!! Next thing you know, he'll be all over the place. :)

Tara said...

So cute!
As far as foods go at that time, I remember getting the Chicken and Rice bowls with the peas and carrots in them (they are by the Spagettio's)..speaking of he ate alot of that too! He loved pears and bananas cut up in tiny cubes...still does. And those little canned turkey and chicken sticks (very soft and can be gummed. Once he started eating real meat, he would turn his nose up to these, but beforehand, they were a winner! We also did alot of Chick-Fil-a chicken salad. You can buy it in a cup or a pint. The chicken is shredded or chopped up pretty thinly (unless it's changed), and he loved it starting around 10 months.

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