Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some weekend pictures

I am a little brain dead right now and couldn't think of a cute or catchy title, so please forgive me.
This weekend we got to hang out with the Tuz family- ALL of them- even Ismael's mom who's still visiting from Mexico. She treated us to REAL Mexican Tomales on Friday night and let me tell you- they are amazing. They had to go to 4 different stores to get all the ingredients and Connie (my mother in law) said that is was some WORK to put together. We've got a heap of leftovers in our fridge and I'm so thankful for that!!
Here are Harris and Maya (they're just 3 months apart, so I'm pretty sure they will be trouble) playing together destroying magazines.

And Owen and Grandpa kicking the soccer ball. Have I told anyone that Owen starts SOCCER the week of August 4th??? That would be a prayer request, please... for me and Jason. He is in an under 4 league!! Is that hilarious or what? At least it will be some good blog material. And here is the fearsome foursome on the swings that Nana and Grandpa built. Apparently Connie and Irv said at one point that they would never have grandchildren. Then they had 4 in 2 years. Be careful what you ask for, right?And here they all are in their Sunday best this morning. Megan and Maya were baptised at Connie and Irv's church and it was so special. Gwyn, who leads the choir and has been there since Jason was in youth choir (fill in your own "a LONG time ago" joke here) sings this beautiful song at baptisms and it's just so wonderful. I wish I could remember all the words. I've heard it over a dozen times (we used to go to church there), but just can't remember them right now. It's kind of like this:

Megan and Maya we love you.

God bless you and keep you and ___ you, too.

Carrie and Ismael love you so.

Something something something grow.

OK- obviously much more special with the actual words. Connie and Irv- I know you don't comment, but would you make an exception and put the lyrics in the comment section in case other folks have this song at their church so they'll know what I'm talking about?

Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed weekend full of the Holy Spirit being poured into your lives!


LeAnne said...

How cute!! Ryan and Kylee Anne are gonna play on a 3 & 4 year old soccer team too, should be GOOD!!

Donna said...

Fun weekend- what cute grandbabies the Dunham's have! Shana wants to come on Thursday- so prepare to be invaded!

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