Thursday, July 24, 2008

It might actually exist!

I don't believe in many things: the Loch Ness monster, horoscopes (how can you possibly tell what every single person born in a certain month is going to do that day?) and the perfect purse. But, yesterday I snuck out in between Jason getting home and dinner and went to a little boutique called J. Whitener. (If you are in Huntsville, you should go there- it's in that shopping center by NeoMode and Ethan Allen.) In this boutique/ store, they may have what might be my best find in a while. MY NEW PURSE!!!:

I am super purse picky and have many qualifications. Here they are:

1) Must have flat bottom (unlike owner of purse) to be able to put it down.

2) Must be made of durable fabric (preferably leather) because I am hard on purses.

3) Must have a zipper to close the purse all the way because I have lost a LOT of things- especially on airplanes and in my car.

4) I prefer one strap to 2 because that second darn strap always falls off my shoulder.

5) Must be able to pick up and put on shoulder with one hand because I always have a baby, lunchbox, something else in the other hand. (This is one of the toughest qualifications. Many a good prospect has failed b/c of this. I do a test in the store and if it hits my elbow when I'm putting it on with one hand, then it's a loser.)

6) Can't have too many pockets because I lose stuff in there when I think I'm doing good separating. This is always frustrating. This purse was on the border of too many pockets, but I went for it anyway because of the other qualifications being met.

7) Has to be big enough to hold wallet, phone, sunglasses, lipstick bag, pen bag, baby socks, rattles, games, snacks, etc- whatever I need that day.

They had this purse in many colors and I went with the camel because fall is around the corner and I thought it could work with summer and fall.

And, I know this wallet doesn't match, but it was so cute and I wanted one of those long thin wallets that looks like it doesn't hold anything, but it does! This has all the contents of my previous wallet (that I couldn't close) in there:

And it can double as a bag if I'm headed to a party (like that happens a lot). It just doesn't hold passies, wipes, bits of cheerios or M&Ms for potty rewards (don't think I didn't eat those at the bottom of my old purse when I was cleaning it out this morning- I'm shameless)...


Laura said...

CUTE stuff!!!

annieck said...

VERY cute!!! You are hilarious!

LeAnne said...

love the new's nice to know that someone out there found the perfect purse. i'm not so sure it exists for me...i can't tell you how long i've been on a mission. seasons have come and gone...and come back again. YAY for you! i love that wallet.

Donna said...

Love it- it's been YEARS since I've updated my purse- they are hard to find. I do like an outside pocket for my cell phone- but that usually kills the look. Love that you got camel- that's so pretty!

Shana said...

Hil - I am now wishing you lived in birmingham and we could hang out all the time. hysterical. I need more of you in my life. :)

Emily said...

i do the EXACT same test..putting it on shoulder with one hand! that is so funny!! love the purse!

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