Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Henry's First Date

Alright, fine. PLAY date.

One of my dearest friends from high school, Sarah, and her family are moving to Huntsville! They are in between Birmingham and Huntsville right now waiting for their house to sell. Sarah's husband Greer is up here in a furnished apartment already working. And Sarah is 8 months pregnant. Oh, and did I mention she has twins who are turning 2 this week? So, if you think you've got concerns, just think of that situation. And Sarah is just taking it all in stride, as usual.

So, Sarah and her twins, M and SB, were in Huntsville last week looking for some fun and we were happy to help! Ollie was at pre-school, so Henry, Cooper {our babysitter- who is now invaluable and I can't go anywhere without} and I met them at Chic-fil-A and then they came over to our house to play. I think this was Henry's first official play date. And, of course, we played in the playroom and Ollie's room and found all kinds of toys that we haven't touched in a while that they all loved. And they loved our dogs, too. I offered them to Sarah, but she didn't take them... Hmmm. Wonder why?
Here are some pictures from our "date":

SBMHenry getting a little lovin'. Wait- maybe this was a date after all...

Me and Sarah

I would a picture up here from high school if I could find one. Just know that we look exactly the same. Yeah right. :-)


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