Friday, July 18, 2008

9 Month Check Up

I love going into the well side entrance of the doctor's office! It's actually nice to be there. And while the toys are still just as infested- I'm sure- it makes me feel a little better that well dirty children have played with them instead of those other SICK dirty children. Can you sense my {feigned} superiority? I'll have to pay for that next week on the sick side, you know...

Here are Henry's stats:
24 pounds- 89% on the growth chart
29.5 inches- 83% on the growth chart
and I can't remember the head circumference, but it's 73%.

Ollie was never on the actual chart, so this whole chart bi-ness is a bit new to me. Ollie was always proportionately balanced, but just a year or two ahead of where he should be.

Back to Henry, our little angel boy was so sweet when they had to prick his toe. That was all- no shots today- YEAH! He has great vision- per some cool looking screener- and 3 teeth coming in! Yowzers!
And a tip for those of you with yung-uns out there, our Dr. advised the flu shot in two doses (if they are under 2 yrs, I think) that have to be a month apart. So, we'll probably go for the first in September before his one year visit and knock that out while we are there. I hope your day was without doctor visits... unless you were on the good side, of course!


Lydia said...

Hey Hillary-Not sure if you remember me from HA but I just found your blog a few weeks ago and have been enjoying reading about your sweet boys. I laughed about this post, because we were at the doctor's office today. We had to sit in the "sick" side (ICK!!), even though my son was only there for congestion problems (which turned out to be associated with his 3 teeth that just came in!) Anyway, I'm glad to see you are doing well and have a precious family. Take care! Lydia Roney Wright

Amy Nunnally said...

We were at the doctor yesterday! Rachel went in for her one-year check up but ended up having 2 ear infections! We're on the other end of the "chart" for sure. Our little Rachel was in the SECOND percentile for weight! Her sister was the same way, though. That's unheard of in the Pritchett family - the Nunnally genes are kicking in for sure!

annieck said...

How cute is he?!!

Carrie said...

Scrawny little boy, being on the charts! ;-)

I think he and Maya are about the same size...with 3 months between them...

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