Monday, August 31, 2009

I only follow one Guy and you ain't it, sweetheart

Let me be clear here.
I hate the term, "follower".

As a good WASP-y church girl, there are certain church words you have to know how to use in conversation: "believer", "let me pray about that and get back to you", "convicted", and "worship".
By the way, "worship" is a noun and place- as in, "After I get my coffee at the Cappucino and Christ service, I'll see you in worship". {Since my newly- minted 4 year old is in this service- I didn't make that up; that's the name of our contemporary service- with us, now, there is not much verb-worshiping that goes on in our row. We are just present AT worship shushing and bribing him and clasping hands over his loud mouth. Since we are good teachers and all.}

But I digress with loads of parentheses.

There are also certain words that you are NOT supposed to use among the church crowd: "idol" {as in American or any other}, "temple tables" and "follower". Follower would be in the context of anything other than Christ.
It's not that these words are wrong, per se; it's just that pastors preach sermons around these terms, they take on additional meanings and then slowly you flag them in your vocabulary as bad. Much like the word "gay" used to mean happy when the Flintstones "had a gay old time". Now, as you might have heard, it means something all together different.

The thing about Blogger {the name of the platform that I use for this blog} is that you can't change the title of the section for "followers". {If there are any code junkies out there and there is some way to do this; please let me know!} I didn't post it for about a year because it gave me the hibby jibbies {technical, I know} and then with my blog redesign, we took away that option from the top bar. So, I finally put it up to give people the option to "follow".

This follow section {over there on the right} gives you the ability to receive all my posts as soon as they come out on your blogger home page and in your Google Reader. The Google Reader is like a newspaper that sends only the links you have signed up for to your page. You just log in and catch up on all your "stories". At least that's what my grandmother called them {not blogs, of course; soap operas}. If you read more than 10 blogs, I would highly recommend you use a reader {there are several versions of this, but I use Google}.

The little tiny heads over there give me an idea of whom I'm writing to and for. Sometimes I'm just sitting away down here by myself in my basement snorting at my own jokes and hoping that somebody else gets my twisted since of humor. So thank you for clicking that to show me that you are out there. You inspire me to keep writing. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you being a part of my life and this blog.

Please do not ever think that I am under the impression you are following me. Hopefully, in some small tiny way, I can point you to God, who is The One you and I should be following. If you "follow" along with this blog, I think of it like being a Facebook friend who wants to keep up with status updates. Just please don't comment with your Mafia Wars or Farmtown score, okay?

Alright. I'm off my soapbox, now.
As you were.
I'm back to giveaways. Stay tuned for some Lisa Leonard!!


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Is this just because I said I don’t like to be a follower? Because I was just teasing. But now I feel compelled to write a whole post about this, because as you may have guessed, of course I have some thoughts on the topic. Not nasty thoughts or mean thoughts – I’m sure they would be funny to someone. Because, again, I was seriously just teasing.

(And please know that I’m fully aware 100 people may have made the same anti-follower comment yesterday, but I am way too lazy to look back and find out.)

Lori H said...

Hillary...I have had so much fun looking at your blog andI enjoyed looking at the jewlery at Lisa's sight. Everything she has is beautiful! I love the monogram necklace and the original. It would be hard to pick put! I am going to put a bug in my husband's ear about this jewlery. Happy Birthday week day #2! :) God Bless!

Lori said...

Great post! Couldn't agree more!

Jamie said...

I feel ya sister, I only recently put up the following option as well because of the same reasons. Although now that it's up I feel very inferior and wish I had more followers. I've wanted to write a post begging I mean asking for followers but haven't done it yet. Maybe I'll just link to yours and say ditto on

Tami said...

Hmmm... me thinks you think about things way more than me. Does that make me a follower *giggle*. I'm in Denver this week, but been following your bloggy give aways via my phone. What fun!!

Following Christ ~ Tami :)

Unreasonable Grace said...

dang. I'll just put a link to your post on my blog to explain "my" feelings on the matter. thought that would be better than just blatently plaguarizing....

Rebekah said...

awwww...You don't like Farmtown? :) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

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