Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flashback: The Front Door War

This post originally published December 18, 2008

I get a lot of packages at home since I work from home and I order a lot of things online {especially this time of year}, so there is a constant flow of traffic to the front door.

If you have children who nap, then you might know my dilemma.

Every day, between 1:30- 4:30, the FedEx, UPS and Postman all try to deliver things to me. This happens to be the same time that my children nap. Now, for some reason the kids can sleep through the door bell, but they can't seem to sleep through the yappy dogs that bark if anyone approaches our house.

I've tried a nice note on the front door that asks not to knock {which they ignore if I need to sign something or they just didn't read} and I even had the postman only delivering to my office door for a while {this worked fine until he started leaving packages in the rain}.

So, today I've come up with a solution.

Here's our unassuming front door {the deliverer is thinking, "nice little festive home"}:And here is my plea:I'm hoping that a little bit of humor, a star burst of holiday cheer {you like that part? see that it's removable for after Christmas?} and several if/ then clauses will help the delivery person, pacify me {and the dogs and kids, of course}.
And then there's a cell phone number if all else fails.

The note that I'd like to write goes something like this:
Are you kidding me? Please do NOT ring this door bell! It is prime nap time, but I'm sure you don't know that because you've run down to your truck before I could open the door and tell you.

Just drop the package and walk away slowly. Or else.

I'm afraid that I might get a lot of "partial" packages with that note, though, so I settled for the one above.

Update: just checked- 2 packages outside, no knocking or ringing and 2 sleeping babes! Success! If this doesn't end up working, though, I think I'll get a big lion out front and paint it's teeth red.

Too much?


Kelli said...

This made me chuckle! I think every momma deals with this dilemma at some point. I know I have. Great note! And if the lion doesn't work, just add on the note that you'll release the hounds if they so much as think about ringing the doorbell.
Maybe that IS too much=)!

dawn said...

good job mama...

I'm jealous your office has an outside door! When I worked from home my office was through my bedroom! :)

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Brilliant! Although, as the wife of a Fed Ex man, I'm going to have to get his opinion on this, too. :)

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

I love the little note idea. We have been having the same dilemma lately. Mr. UPS man arrives around nap time EVERY single day. I ran after him to his truck one day and asked him to please not ring the doorbell and then book it back to his truck. Since then he's been pretty good about leaving the package and knocking lightly.

Now, if only we could catch that postal man before he books it back to his vehicle.

The Writer Chic said...

I'm so going to do this..... You're my hero.

PS -- totally not suitable for the blog post comment area, but guess who has pneumonia? I KNOW!!!! 'Cause what else do I have to do? xoxoxoo

Jared and Kate said...

Good for you! I also work from home and the Fedex man is my biggest social interaction of the day. Unfortunately, I also have 2 barking dogs--but they, unfortunately, will bark whether or not the doorbell rings. They pretty much start when the truck rounds the corner. I may just have to go stright to the "2 barking dogs free to good home" sign and skip the rest. Sigh.

The Gunter Family said...

I have this problem too, but UPS doesn't even have to knock. If they drive by....not even stopping at our house, our Bulldog barks like she's going to attack! It drives me insane!! Our dogs "think" they hear a knock and go crazy.

annieck said...

LOVE this post and think it's a fabulous idea!!!

Jennifer said...

Any suggestions on how to avoid the barking dogs that start as soon as they hear the UPS truck come down the street??

Jenn McPherson said...

Hands down, you are the.only.only.person in the world who could make "how to approriately deliver packages to a home with babies inside" funny. The only person. Im laughing.

Lindsey said...

LOVE it! steven just put a note on our door last week after two doorbell-interrupted nap times. fortunately we don't have the yapping dog issue, but the bell is enough to disturb the precious and sacred nap time...

Sabrina said...

Good Job Mama!!! How funny you are. If only we could do the same with telemarketers that call late at night!!!

The View from Here said...

Love the sign and am enjoying reading your blog as well. Thanks for the comment on mine. And to figure out our Kevin Bacon connection... I think it's TSU. I was there from 94-98 and was a part of CO and such. Most of the blogs I follow (and you follow as well) are friends from the college days. I lived in Pace Hall and I'm sure that I remember seeing you around campus. Your blog is alot of fun and am loving reading it!!!

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