Monday, November 2, 2009

Flashback: Ode to My Son at 15 Months Old

Happy Monday!
First, thank you all SO MUCH for your wonderful support of my post at (In)Courage. I truly felt your love and appreciate every e-mail, comment and message and am doing my best to reply to all of them. Thank you a million times over!
I hope you all survived Halloween like we did and don't have children on a sugar high like we do. Things here are a bit hectic and I am under a pretty big work deadline, so this week, I'm going to update the blog with some oldies and goodies.
I know this means I'm cheating, but unless you are my mom, there is a chance you might not have read this before.
So, even though it's old, please feel free to comment and I will still do my best to get back to you once a dig a hole from under the piles on my desk.
And maybe- just maybe- my brain might be working, again.
Here's hoping!
So, today, a tribute to my sweet little Henry at 15 months. He's now almost 25 months- the age Ollie was when Henry was born. Let that sink in for a minute while I sob quietly. *slurp*
Okay. I'm over it.
: : : : : : : : :
Originally published January 9, 2009
Tractors in toilets and balls in my shoes,
Cars in the fridge, could it all be from you?

Unrolled toilet paper spread ‘cross the floor,
You’re all the way boy, just looking for more.

You’re into the dog food more than the pets,
That can is full of vitamins, I bet.

You push all the trains then tear up the tracks
It’s demo you love, as a matter of fact.

You have a fake cry that’s terribly sad,
Stealing glances to check if we’ve been had.

You love your big bro’, trail him to all ends
I hope one day you’ll be more than just friends.

That sweet toothy grin sure makes your mom melt
I’m sure no other has felt what I’ve felt.

I hope you seek God who brought you to me
I know that He has great plans, just you see.

A train engineer or a court jester?
A lawyer, doctor, dog food taste tester?

Whatever this life has in store for you
Please give your best because God did for you.

And know that our love will never taper,
As long as you clean up that toilet paper.


Amy said...

What a precious post! You've really been tugging at my heartstrings lately:) I loved your 'On Any Given Day' post and the one posted on the (In)Courage blog was something I easily related to. Indeed you have a knack for this blogging thing not to mention this 'making me cry thing'. Thanks for always being uplifting and approachable. That's a wonderful combination.

The Gunter Family said...

Brought a tear to my eye and made me think about my sweet Camper! :) I love boys!

{ L } said...

This is SO special! And he is one CUTE kid! :) Your (in)courage post was amazing too...very exciting! I know I already commented there...just wanted to tell you one more time!

brooke said...

Hey!! I meant to tell you that I loved your article that you wrote for In Courage. So beautifully written! You are extremely talented and so many people have a lot to earn from you! Take care!!

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