Wednesday, September 3, 2008

30 Things I'm Thankful For On My 30th Birthday

I've had the idea for this post in my head for a few weeks, but wanted to wait until my actual birthday to make a list. So, this morning, I spent a while thinking of all the things I'm thankful for. I wish I could start off every morning that way!

Here they are (and thanks in advance for indulging me in this long, sometimes sappy and pictureless post- I ran out of time for pictures):

1. God's grace. New every morning.

2. A heritage of Faith. I can't tell you how thankful I am to have had parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, etc. All surrounded me with a heritage of faith throughout my life.

3. My sweet husband. I have mentioned many times that he "gets me". This morning he sang Happy Birthday- the original way and my family's way. And had my birthday presents out at the table- a nice Kate Spade bag - WOOHOO-(fitting all qualifications) from him and potholders that I've desperately wanted from the kiddos. With sweet cards, of course. But the kicker was getting in the car this morning. I got in on the way to take the kids to pre-school and hear a song I don't recognize. Jason made me a "mixed tape" of my favorite songs from childhood! How funny is that?? So, I got the hear John Anderson's "Just a Swangin'" and "Elvira" by the Oak Ridge Boys on the way to school. Ollie kept saying, "what's that song, mommy?"!!

4. Ollie- my big boy- learning more every day

5. Henry- my sweet little man- going to be walking soon

6. My Mom and Dad- they are wonderful. They've always built me up and done everything for me they could. Love y'all!

7. My Sister- even though we don't see eye to eye on most things, ok, anything, she's still my sister and I'm thankful for her

8. My In-Laws- I couldn't ask for better parents-in-law. Connie and Irv will drop anything for us and bend over backwards to help us all the time. They are so generous with time and love. I have always appreciated that.

9. Extended family- I am super thankful for all my aunts, uncles and cousins who I love dearly. I grew up with most of them as brothers and sisters and second parents, so they are that much more special to me.

10. Health- I am so thankful to be healthy and in relatively good shape! We upped our life insurance recently which means new physicals. I actually scored in the top 1% of all people so I get the super low price! YIPPEE!!

11. Old friends- I've loved staying in touch with my friends from elementary, middle and high school. I guess that's what happens when you graduated with only 31 people, but they are a great part of my life.

12. College friends- "they" say that when you pledge a sorority that you'll have "friends for life". I was a little skeptical of this since it seems super cheesy, but I'll tell you that those girls are truly amazing friends and have been there for me every step of the way. Love you girls.

13. New friends- I've met so many new friends my past 10 years here in Huntsville and they are wonderful! This is a great place!

14. Our church- we are so thankful to have a place that we can call a home church. It nourishes our soul, leads us and houses our hope for a wonderful future of faith for our family.

15. Our Sunday School class- these people have truly become some of our closest friends. They share in our struggles and triumphs and are just a great group of people to journey with.

16. St. George Island- my favorite place in the world. We are actually headed there with a couple of couples from #15 tomorrow! My family has had a house on St. George since I can remember and it's so nice to get away from everything!

17. A great marriage- happy anniversary to my engagement! Jason proposed on my birthday on the beach at St. George Island 8 years ago today! I'm so thankful to have known and loved him every day of my twenties!

18. The USA- Go Fish has a song that talks about being an American Kid. My favorite line is: "My country is the best, and this is how I know: Everybody wants to stay and nobody wants to go!" Ditto.

19. Democracy- I am not thankful enough for democracy and freedom. And we owe a super debt of gratitude for those who protect it for us each day.

20. Our house- although super old and in need of a lot of work, it has fit us perfectly for this time in our lives.

21. Concealer- you wouldn't recognize me without it. Thank you, Mary Kay.

22. Our Dogs- I know. I try to give them away every day. But deep, DEEP down I still love them.

23. Sports, in general- we always played softball growing up- before it was butchy. And my dad always coached. It was great. I love sports and the competition of it all.

24. College Football- this is THE BEST time of the year. WAR EAGLE!!

25. Boiled peanuts- and I've even allergic to them, but they are my favorite fall/ football delicacy!

26. My job- again, as crazy as it is, it has suited me perfectly for this time in my life.

27. Going back to school- I love school. I'm a dork. I know.

28. Running- I love to run and haven't done it enough lately. I will definitley get to run this weekend at the beach!

29. This blog- Thanks for letting me get my feelings and our every day lives out there. It makes my day to catch up with you, too!

30. And one to grow on! Can't wait for my thirties! I'm thankful to have the opportunity to try them out!

Alright, instead of the mandatory "Happy Birthday" comment., you get to leave at least 3 things you're thankful for in the comments section.



becky said...

happy big girl birthday!! we welcome you to the club!!

annieck said...


Hollie and Janie said...

I hope you continue to have an amzaing birthday!!!

Laura said...

I'll be a little random in my thankfulness....stuff I take for granted that is a less obvious than the truly important things/people:
1) email/internet - without it, I wouldn't be able to keep up and stay close to friends and family as easily without it. case and point, you and this blog!
2) sprinkler system. with the lack of rain we have had in central texas, I am one of the few people with a lush, green lawn and I don't have to drag the hose and sprinkler attachment around the yard. Honestly, it was a major check in the "BUY" column when I was deciding on a house, and I'll never move in another without one!
3) trees. I have to big Texas Live Oaks in my backyard. The actual selling point for me when buying my house. They provide shade, make a lovely noise when the wind blows them, are rustic and mighty and beautiful. The shade they provide actually keeps my electric bill lower in the summer! My yard is most popular for neighborhood birds, lizards and rabbits (there are other big trees like mine, but everyone else seems to have a dog) is nice to sit at my window in the morning with a cup of tea watching birds, or a glass of wine in the evening watching the rabbits!

Jenny said...

Happy, happy birthday again Hillary!

1)my awesome, loving family (even on hard days)
2)my faith, my church, God, Jesus (all wrapped up as one big Thanks!)
3)my good health and the good health of my family

Many blessings to you on your special day! Here's hoping you will be able to enjoy many, many more.

Amanda said...

1. My husband. We have officially been together longer than we haven't!!
2. My kids. Life is so much more interesting with them around.
3. My kids at church. They help me feel like I am not really 1/3 of the way through my 30's!!
And Happy Birthday!

Shana said...

Happy Birthday, HILL!!!

(today) I'm thankful for...

1. cool shoes.
2. artist talentry.
3. dirty little mexican restaurants.


Shana said...

and nail clippers. but that's neither here nor there.


LeAnne said...

Hope that your birthday was FABULOUS!!!!! Being 30 ROCKS!!!!

I'm thankful for so many things...right this very i sit here at my computer...
1) this GORGEOUS actually feels a little like fall
2) all the plans coming together for our upcoming trip to Washington
3) caffeine and under eye concealer...Eastern time is killin' me...Sarah Palin kept me up late and Kylee Anne made her morning appearance at 5 am.
4) the beautiful imagination of my 3 year old :)

I threw an extra one in there because I'm feeling really thankful for all of those things at the moment!!

And Ryan's 4K isn't public school, although Georgia does have free public school 4K or Pre-K (called different things at different schools). We just love their school too much to make the is a Christian school at a Methodist church. They have a program from 2 yrs to 5th grade...we're just sad that we'll get orders and have to leave it soon:(

Amy said...

I'll skip the obvious (husband,kids,etc.)
Chocolate Milk
Air Conditioning
Sleep...when it happens.

Amy said...

BTW...Great post! What a wonderful way to enter your 30s, with a grateful heart:)

holly said...

1) My family
2) My health
3) My freedom

I could go on and on! Happy B'day Hil!

emack14 said... i know that i'm a few days late. today is the actual first "normal" day in over a week!

Here are 3 things i'm thankful for at this moment:
1. caffeinated coffee
2. electricity...some over here still don't have power!
3. you, hill. as cheesy as it is.. i am thankful for you and our friendship. although we don't "talk" regularly, you have been a blessing to me and i love you.
i hope you had a wonderful birthday and are having a great time at the beach!

Emily said...

ummmm.. i have no idea why it says my name is "emack".. let's try this again...

mary caroline said...

Hey Hillary! This is Holly's sister :) Happy belated birthday!! I'm so glad you got to celebrate your birthday in one of the truly greatest places ever. I'm thankful for the following:

1. family
2. freedom
3. kate spade :)

Hope to see you soon! Tell all your gang hello for me!

Gray Matters said...

So sorry I missed it - no excuses since mine was the same. What a wonderful list and tribute to you, your family and friends.

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