Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Farewell to My Roaring 20s

If I have ever been 29 and holding, then it's today. September 2. The last day of my 20s.

My mom always said that turning 29 was harder for her to handle than 30, but really, neither has affected me. I love to celebrate birthdays (especially mine!), so I've really enjoyed- and plan on enjoying- both. The only thing that is getting to me a little is that I clearly remember my mom turning 30; I was 5 and remember thinking she was old. So, that does weird me out a bit.

I think we all have an ideal of what should happen in your 20s and I know I haven't done all those things. I was supposed to travel Europe, be wild and fancy free, live the single life and maybe settle down around 30. God had different plans and really tied my heart to settling down earlier. Jason and I got married when I was 22 and he was 25. I did travel quite a bit with my job at the space center, though. I've been to 35 states! I got to shoot TV shows and movies, meet famous people, but was also really unhappy at work. So, when God lead me to working from home 5 years ago, I was up for the challenge. It took a while to adjust, but I found out it was one quick way to remove myself from office gossip! Or any talk at all! This job has been challenging, but it has enabled me to stay at home with my children part time and pretend to work full time. It has been just what I need; funny how God works that out, huh?

In the latter part of this decade, my brain waves and priorities have shifted from business to mommy-hood. I've had to blend past knowledge of creating a press release, completing a report or drafting a business plan with counting bottles/ feeding times, remembering the words to the speckled frog song, taking snacks for a pre-school classroom and wiping up spit up (from anything and everything). I'd rather read Parenting magazine than the newspaper. And I'd rather hang out with my kids or husband than go out to a bar. (But I do all those things!)

Owen was born a few days shy of my 27th birthday and Harris joined us last year when I was 29. I can't think of any better accomplishments for a decade.

So, Sayonara, 20s! I have loved most every minute of the decade!
And I hear Europe is much better in your 30s, anyway. :-)


Carrie said...

ACK!! How did I not know this was your 30th birthday???

For some reason, I thought tomorrow would be your 29th. I am now running out to the mailbox to pull your card out. Sorry! Your card will now be late. :-P

Amber Brockett said...

Well all I can say is the 30's are way better!! You actually like yourself a lot more!! Have a great day..and the best is yet to come!!

Tara said...

Welcome to the 30's club! Happy Birthday!

annieck said...

Awww...Happy early birthday, Hillary!!!
Sounds like you've had a great life so far, and I'm sure the best is yet to come!!! I hope tomorrow is super fabulous!

And on a side note, I had no idea you worked in t.v. and movies. Hob nobbing (sp? I know I totally screwed it up) with the rich and the famous, huh? :):):) I'm sure it doesn't compare to snotty noses, not one bit. :)

happy birthday!

Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

happy bday!!!!!

Donna said...

Happy Birthday friend! Welcome to the club- so far, I've enjoyed these past two months in my 30s. I really do think the best is yet to come!

Sigmugi said...

I enjoyed this post. Happy B-day Hillary!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!

Sherill said...

I agree with an earlier comment--30s are actually better! There is something about being comfortable with who God created you to be and what you are called to do that can flourish in your 30s in a way that is hard in your 20s.

Enjoy the next decade! The best times are still to come!

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