Monday, September 22, 2008

New Cleaning Service

Last week I heard from my cleaning lady that she wouldn't be able to keep my house on her rotation. She said it was because her mother was ill and she was cutting back on her hours to help her, but I have a sneaky suspicion that it might be because of the large amount of dirtiness she had to deal with over here!!

So, I've resorted to a new cleaning service.

The new guy came by today and he does laundry:Bathrooms (he's particularly skilled with the toilet paper):And he even re-organizes refrigerators (at no extra charge!):

He's pretty cheap for cleaning, but his room and board can add up quickly.

I just love this little guy. He's at home with me for a few more Mondays and then he's off to big boy pre-school with Ollie. He's about to start walking and (as is glaringly obvious) is into everything- perfectly normal though. And these pictures weren't staged. I just had my hands on a camera for a few minutes while folding laundry and this is how our day goes!

Hope your Monday has a cutie like this in it!


becky said...

good job, harris! all in a day's work!

LeAnne said...

he is so stinkin''ve gotta love helping hands:)

annieck said...

What a DOLL! Can he please come clean my house?! :):):)

Emily said...

oh i just want to eat him up! he's so cute..and he does look like he's so proud of his accomplishments.."yay! look at me!"

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