Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Consignment Sale Junkie

I am such a consignment sale junkie. They had me at "consignment".

There is a huge one in Huntsville every year that is my favorite. It's called Kids Kloset and it's held twice a year- spring/ summer and fall/ winter.

If you have never participated in one of these, here is the low down: there is a huge warehouse type facility with clothes (galore), toys, jackets (at this sale), equipment and anything baby/ child there. People package and price their own items, drop them off and you (the public) come and buy them. The secret is to work the sale as a volunteer to get the first pick of all the items. That's what I do at this sale every year and it continues to be the best thing. I LOVE IT!!!

So, last night was the worker's sale and it was thrilling, as usual.

{On a side note- I took the Flu Mist yesterday with my kiddos, so I had a bit of a headache, but worked through it on adrenaline and full blown Coke- no Diet wimpy stuff. Harris is too young for the mist and actually has to have 2 shots a month apart, so that's why were were in relatively early in the season.}

It's a little embarrassing to tell you how much I ended up spending, but I did get all of Owen's clothes for the season. I REALLY do not do much other shopping, so to knock it out in 3 hours is wonderful. So, just fill in the blank here ___ as to what you think would be a ridiculous amount to spend and that's probably close. But here are some of my finds:

Piles ...

And piles of clothes for Owen:

A sit and stand stroller- brand new- so excited!!

I also got tons of toys, Thomas stuff and goodies that were already properly hidden this morning in closets put away for Christmas.

What about this little guy, you ask?

Well, he happens to have a closet full of hand me downs that will fit- Praise the Lord!!- so I told myself he wasn't getting anything.

Until I saw this beautiful little number. It's some fancy name brand that I can't remember right now, but it is much more adorable in real life. And this is the only clothing that Harris got, poor second child. But, if you think about it, he'll have those other stacks of clothes in 2 years!

So, I've got to work the next couple of days to "pay for" my shot to shop early and get all these clothes with tags on them for $3!!! Totally worth it, don't you think?


annieck said...

Great job, Hil! We have those big consignment sales here, but sadly, my brain doesn't function well with them. I get so overwhelmed. It's the same reason I don't shop at T.J. Maxx. I can't look through tons of different outfits. I have to have multiples of the same outfit stacked together. Then I just pick my size I'm SO ADD!!!

I admire those of you who have the patience to shop at the consignment sales. I know so many people (like you) who get TONS of super cute boutique clothes that I would love to have for my boys. Maybe I can train myself to get over this problem I have with patience.

Great job!!! I think you did AWESOME!

Carrie said...

I love, love, LOVE consignment sales! We have several churches in the area that hold them twice a year to earn money for missions. I also don't usually buy clothes for the girls outside the consignment sales, and poor Maya gets the hand-me-downs too. I at least get a few outfits to replace the ones Megan destroyed the previous year. Looks like you made out like a bandit!

Gray Matters said...

Way to go - look at all that loot!

LeAnne said...

That is awesome!! I go to our big consignment sales but obviously I haven't been doing this right!!!

holly said...

Annie, I'll tell you how to get started. Start with a smaller one. The big ones CAN be overwhelming. I went to one last week (didn't volunteer, but consigned some stuff, so I still got to go hour after the hoarding volunteers...wink, wink Hil), and got a double stroller for Hadley and the new bambino for $50...brand new. Saw the same one at target for $170. And I got a few things for Hadley for Fall. They never have good stuff for Alex's size. I guess those big kids wear out their clothes too bad to re-sell. Sorry for blabbing...I love consignment too! AND, the small ones are picky about the brands they take, so you can get those fancy boutique things at them.

Eve said...

I am definitely a consignment sale junkie, too! Our church has their semi-annual one this week and I am working, selling and shopping early! I am so excited about it!

Emily said...

we have the same thing here..but i've never worked it.. maybe i should try that this year. great finds, hill! LOVE the outfit for harris...sooo adorable!

Melvina said...

This is great info to know.

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