Monday, September 8, 2008

To Schedule or Not to Schedule

That is many people's question, but it has never been mine. I have always fallen on the side of "To Schedule" without a doubt. I read Babywise {here's the summary: eat, play, sleep} before Owen was born and we had him indoctrinated in a matter of weeks. Harris took a few more weeks. But for many months I had to live the mantra, "He can either have a schedule or a brother in preschool- not both". After about 6-7 months, though, I got them both on the same afternoon nap schedule, so things are a little smoother, now.

This weekend, my hubby and I had a wonderful, relaxing weekend at the beach with a few friends. My gracious and ever-so-kind in-laws moved into our house to watch our kiddos. When I called home, my mother-in-law just kept saying that they were "right on schedule". This would seem fine to any normal person, but if you know me AT ALL, you know I don't fit in that category.

So, I started thinking (usually a problem). A schedule is not a way of life for me. It's just the avenue to make life a little more sane. I want my kids to be God- (and mama) fearing, well- rounded, fun-loving, polite and kind children. I don't want them to be little robots. But they better not wake up from that nap early... It's a tough mix to go for, but we're working on it.

So, even though my mother-in-law agreed when I told her this today, she told me how thankful she was for their schedule. Apparently it did make things a lot easier for them and the kids. As long as they (adults and kids!) know what to expect next, things go a little smoother. Ahhh. Yes. Someone who understands my need for a routine.

Thanks again, Connie and Irv! We can't do it without you!

And if you're looking for pictures of me at the beach, you can keep looking, cause you're not getting them here! I did have an amazing birthday trip, but gained 6.5 pounds!!! Can you believe that?? Apparently a diet of cream cheese/ salsa and chips, fried seafood and a few drinks is not good for your waistline. Hmph. Go figure.


annieck said...

I didn't have much of a schedule with Tristan but have had Asher on a schedule since day 1. I have seen a HUGE difference in the two. I highly recommend schedules. :)
Good for you that you have such a good one...and that you have such great in-laws that adhere to it. :)
Glad you had fun at the beach!!!

Hilary said...

Happy birthday! What day was your birthday? I celebrated my birthday over the weekend also (Saturday, the 6th). It would be neat if I shared my birthday with another Hil(l)ary!

becky said...

that's awesome! gained 6.5 will be gone in a week of being back to normal. and let me just tell you, i am also a babywise mama. luke and seth are babywise little men...but AC doesn't seem to want to get on the band wagon. i don't know what her deal is. now she is sleeping through the night like a champ. but she could care less about a nap that goes beyond 45 minutes. i'm at my wits end. and let me tell you, her screaming doesn't phase me. she's my 3rd. if you have ideas, let me know. (and her schedule will change again in a month when she can start eating food. aye aye aye....

Donna said...

Mine are scheduled, but it's more like guidelines. aka- we will have an afternoon nap after lunch- but we can move it anywhere from 12:30-2:00. And we go to bed after bath, stories, prayers- but that too can fluctuate from 7:15 to 8:15 on late nights. So while I don't feel a slave to the schedule- the kids always know what order our day will go in and I think it is so easy for us and for caregivers. Glad you had a fun trip away! Beach time is SNACK time....PERIOD.

LeAnne said...

I'm a big fan of schedules is how i survived with babies 15 months apart. We're not so much a slave to the clock but a slave to the fact that their will be a nap that follows lunch time. I think that having a schedule is crucial with Ryan...he is an over thinker and he NEEDS to be able to predict how things will play out each day. He feels much more secure that way and it is definitely easier for mommy.

SOOOOO glad you had a great weekend at the beach!!! YAY!!!

Emily said...

i'm so glad you had a great trip, hill! anytime you gain 6 lbs...there was something (or many things)fun happening!
our schedule is much like yours, donna. it definitely makes for happier kids! and it usually makes it easier to leaved your children with others. thank goodness!

Amanda said...

I wonder how much our oyster eating sick friend lost on that trip?

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