Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Came Early!

I walked out the front door tonight to go get the Christmas cards I wait for every day mail and I saw a HUGE package on our porch. {No ringing or barking woke up the kids- HOORAH! The sign is working!}

I brought it inside and we were all excited to see what it was- especially the kiddos. I happened to remember what it was- the nativity set that I ordered { along with a few other Christmas goodies}!!! YAY! In time for Christmas!
I think that somehow it's rich with irony {and maybe a little wrong?} to covet a nativity set, but this is the only one I've really ever loved. It's from Southern Living at Home and it came out last year. I have looked at others, but have compared every other set to this one. It was pretty pricey, so I didn't allow myself to get it last year, but I got an e-mail that it was on super duper sale- 60% off!! I jumped on it and wished myself a Merry Christmas!

Ollie could not have been more excited! These are like Jesus action figures and he was all about it! He sang We Three Kings and danced with all the kings. He caressed and held baby Jesus and told him he was a cute baby. And that he loves Him. So precious.
The night did not continue on it's precious and loving route, though, because it was soon time to go to bed and Ollie was really upset that he couldn't take his new toys with him to the bathtub. I got so tickled because he was trying to sneak pieces away- like I didn't notice. Specifically, he wanted the cow- not Jesus or Joseph or even a wise man. The cow. And this was the scene:
The whole time, Henry was very happy playing with his own Nativity set- a stuffed one that I love and would highly recommend for young kids!
Christmas did not come early just for me today. Jason went to Best Buy and bought Guitar Hero. For a child, you ask? Maybe someone that has lost their home in this Christmas season? Or a family that we are sponsoring this Christmas? NO! For him! He told me he wanted it for Christmas {and I chuckled and snorted on the inside- because I snort when I laugh} and then went out and bought it himself! He did have a gift card from his work Christmas party, but he did not clear the purchase with me- that's for certain. {Oh, and I didn't clear the entire Nativity set with him, but who's keeping track here?}
Ollie was requesting things like Silent Night and We Three Kings while his dad was in the next room saying, "I don't think those are on here, buddy" as he got back to Bon Jovi, Steve Miller and Michael Jackson. Now, I may not have married a grown up, but at least my husband is fun.
So, apparently the 12 days of Christmas have begun early around here! I hope Christmas morning isn't a let down after tonight!


annieck said...

How fun!
First off...what a BEAUTIFUL nativity set. LOVE it!!!
Secondly, how cute are your kids?! Oh my goodness. I just want to squeeze them!!!
Finally, guitar hero...SO fun! Channing would love to have it but would never admit it because he'd be afraid I would go out and buy it (thus, spending money). Instead, he'll settle for the one my sister's getting for Christmas and playing with her on visits. :)

Ashleigh Thompson said...

Hi! Nice to meet you!
Yes, we can still be friends despite the fact that you're an "ex." I actually have a few of K's ex's that read the blog :)

Love the blog! I'll be back.

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