Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Front Door War

I get a lot of packages at home since I work from home and I order a lot of things online (especially this time of year), so there is a constant flow of traffic to the front door.
If you have children who nap, then you might know my dilemma. Every day, between 1:30- 4:30, the FedEx, UPS and Post man all try to deliver things to me. This happens to be the same time that my children nap. Now, for some reason the kids can sleep through the door bell, but they can't seem to sleep through the yappy dogs that bark if anyone approaches our house.
I've tried a nice note on the front door that asks not to knock (which they ignore if I need to sign something or they just didn't read) and I even had the postman only delivering to my office door for a while (this worked fine until he started leaving packages in the rain).

So, today I've come up with a solution.

Here's our unassuming front door (the deliverer is thinking, "nice little festive home")

And here is my plea:I'm hoping that a little bit of humor, a star burst of holiday cheer (you like that part? see that it's removable for after Christmas?) and several if/ then clauses will help the deliverer pacify me (and the dogs and kids, of course). And a cell phone number if all else fails.

The note that I'd like to write goes something like this:
Are you kidding me? Please do NOT ring this door bell! It is prime nap time, but I'm sure you don't know that because you've run down to your truck before I could open the door and tell you. Just drop the package and walk away slowly.

I'm afraid that I might get a lot of "partial" packages with that note, though, so I settled for the one above.

Update: just checked- 2 packages outside, no knocking or ringing and 2 sleeping babes! Success! If this doesn't end up working, though, I think I'll get a big lion out front and paint it's teeth red. Too much?


becky said...

*gasp*! seriously...why doesn't everyone in the world know that 1-4 is prime napping hours and everyone should be inside or at least be quiet outside for those of us bound to be home during those hours?? i mean, for real, yo!

i think you got the point across in a good way! hey, it could be worse...my mail man pulls up in my drive way and lays on the horn for 5 seconds. then over and over.

Darby said...

Love it! I'll email you a pic of my door sign... I had to HANG IT OVER THE DOORBELL BUTTON BECAUSE MORONS WOULD RING AWAY ANYWAY... it's on my door now! :)

annieck said...

Hillary, you never cease to amaze me. You are just so stinkin' hilarious! I wish I lived closer to you! :)
My boys are the same way. Our yapping dog always wakes them up. The doorbell itself isn't the problem. :)
Thanks for keeping me laughing!

Lindsey said...

that is great! and i am right there with you. i have to say that my UPS man either has young kids or is just very smart b/c he normally comes after 5 PM which is no problem, kids are awake. but the other day he came around 2 PM and did not knock or ring the door bell. i would have gone out and hugged him but i didn't know he was even there....

Susannah said...

THis is such a fabulous idea!! I'm going to have to use it! The other day, the postman came and dropped off a package, and our beagles, went yapping and woke Anderson up...grrrr. So thanks for this great idea!:)

Donna said...

Great idea Hill. I'm laughing so hard at the free dog giveaway. Renny wakes up our kids at doorbells. And I have to shut the door so he can't see out the storm door during nap time, because goodness knows if a squirrel were to prance accross our yard Renny would have to give him a piece of his mind.

Hollie and Janie said...

That is too funny!!!

Jennifer said...

Would never have even occurred to me about knocking on doors and waking babies.... but I think your note is nice and like the seasonal approach. Love your blog! Cute family!

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