Monday, December 1, 2008

It's a tough year to be a Repulican Auburn fan

Why do my teams keep losing? I've been in the majority for so long that it's hard to imagine the other side. But here it is. I've arrived.

It feels a little dark over here, but there are some rays of light:

  1. Time will keep marching on. The Iron Bowl happens every year, so we have a chance to win again next year. Unfortunately, presidential elections only happen once every 4 years, but there is always the hope to gain some congressional seats in 2010!

  2. People will get tired of the hype. There are only so much money (4 million or so a year) you can pay Nick Saban before he will let you down. He can't live up to it forever. And might not make it through this weekend . And my only hope for our new president is that the same people that elected him will go out and support the economy and make it change. If not, I have a feeling that the change that they wanted so badly might take place in 4 years when he's booted out of office.

  3. If all else fails, there are more people out there who are involved. Let me tell you, Alabama fans have come out of their trailers the woodworks for their team! "S" stickers, 6 window flags per car (Jason saw this on the way home yesterday), baby namings, classy fans skipping their wedding for a game- you name it! At least the support is there and I'm sure that will bolster goodwill for all things football- right. Just like democrats that have never voted before. They came out of the woodworks, too, to show support and I'm sure they'll be just as involved in the community and politics to make a change for good as they were on election day.

I think I've resigned myself to care about other things. Apparently, that's what losers do. I found myself not even caring about football this year. That's completely unlike me!

I think deep down there is some hope, though. I'm watching big fat snowflakes come down outside my house this morning- the first snow this winter! I don't think it will stick, but it is a good reminder that you can start fresh. Next year... next year...


Tara said...

You are singing my tune this year Hilary! I feel the same way. I actually didn't watch the second half of the game because I felt I had better things to do with my time, and I got tired of watching it with relatives who are Bama fans. AND I knew I could go to Wal-mart to find Thomas the Train and get a front row parking place since Bama fans were at home watching the game, and guess what, parking lot was almost empty!
Enjoy the snow! (Chomp Chomp this weekend!)

Carly said...

It was definitely a tough year for the SEC conference, but at least we have next football season to look forward to! The next four years will certainly be interesting. Especially now that Hillary Clinton has signed on as sec of state...Lord help us!

annieck said...

Oh, Hil! I feel you on the president thing, but all I have to say about football and my precious Nick Saban is ROLLLLLLLL TIDE!!! :)
Let the bitter feelings go, my friend. ;) Ha! Maybe next year, the Burn will score at least a field goal. :):)
Love you, Hil!

holly said...

What? I thought "Bear Saban Julio Rashad Coffee Moore" would be the perfect name for my baby? Is that overboard? ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

Shana said...

Hil - i clicked on the link to the man who skipped his wedding...couldn't even finish it...too much country talk for me..cant handle it. I see what you mean. war eagle. :)

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