Wednesday, December 24, 2008

There will be flour (not reindeer) flying...

in Mrs. Claus's kitchen today.
Here's what's going to get made today. (I am using this as accountability so I will get it all done.)

  1. Peanut butter covered pretzels- dip in chocolate- check- they look like this
  2. Five minute fudge wreath (because I have all the ingredients and know I won't make it after Christmas- might as well fatten up now)
  3. Banana bread- because I have 3 rotting bananas (what I need) and my kids LOVE my grandmother's banana bread recipe. I'll post it here some time soon.
  4. Breakfast casserole- because Jason has to have it on Christmas morning (it's his mother's recipe, but I know you all have that one. Let me know if you need it for your Christmas morning.)
  5. Cookies for Santa- 'cause Santa just hasn't had enough sweets lately. I'll do something simple. Maybe my grandmother's oatmeal raisin cookies. Those are healthy- they have oatmeal, right? (I'll have to do a post just with my grandmother's recipes. You will wish she was your grandmother!) UPDATE: Just got back from the neighbor's house and she gave us cookies that will be perfect for Santa- the only qualification is that they're already made- and they are!
  6. Last, but definitely not least- JESUS'S BIRTHDAY CAKE! I've got several different boxes of cake (do you think Jesus will mind if it's not from scratch?) in the pantry. I seem to stock up when Publix has them BOGO free. Not that I make cake alot. I just need to buy at least one if they're on sale. You never know when you might need to whip one up.

So, I'll be cooking while the kids are napping. We're off to visit our neighbor now. I wanted to teach Ollie about "visiting" people, but I'm sure he'll learn more about his mother screaming "don't touch that!" Hopefully he won't break anything of value this time at our 80 year old neighbor's house. Or Henry for that matter! Wish me luck!


Susannah said...

Merry Christmas Hillary! Loved the Mr.
hankey, the Christmas poo look a like...don't worry I thought it was funny!;)

Darby said...

Sounds like my kind of day!!! Merry Christmas!

meredith said...

I too must have Breakfast Casserole on Christmas morning. It's a Nailen tradition. Of course, last year my sweet husband informed me does not like breakfast casserole. So I made a different kind for this year. It's so easy! I used 2 tubes of mild sausage. Brown it in the skillet. Add one package of cream cheese. Spray your casserole dish with pam or butter. Roll out one tube of crescent rolls. Add your sausage mix, add the second layer of crescent rolls. Bake until crust is golden brown. Delicious! It also warms up the next day very nicely. Have a Merry Christmas!

annieck said...

You have been a busy bee, Hillary! Good for you! I could learn some things from you. :)
I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!
I make the same casserole Meredith makes except I use one roll of sausage and I also add sharp cheddar cheese. It is delish!!! :)

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