Saturday, June 20, 2009

Captain Destructo Strikes Again

This post could also have been titled, "Why I Don't Use My Children's Real Names Online". Here is the reason why. I don't think anyone is going to steal them. Really. I just don't want their mortal embarrassment in middle school to come from me. They'll have to create that on their own.

For current fun stories that one day might cause such embarrassment, here is update on Henry.

We were SO proud of him and thought he was so cute the other day when he was "typing" away on hoopty laptop in the breakfast room. {This laptop was given to Jason for free because it was broken. He fixed it and it is super old, but works just fine. That's what I get with a computer guy as a husband- he is the MacDaddy and I have hoopty laptop. And a nice machine downstairs that he built, but that's beside the current point.}

Where was I? Okay, Henry being cute, installing viruses and banging on the hoopty laptop.

Then, yesterday morning, I walked in and found this.

The J and the S were missing. Nice.
I'm sure we won't need those letters at all. Especially not JaSon.

But, since I am typing away on her royal hooptiness right now, you might decipher that Jason got them back on. Those computer people are really handy.

Another note about yesterday:
It was a crazy, ridiculously insane little bit busy with work. So much so that when I packed Ollie's clothes for water day, I forgot to include underwear in his dry clothes.

That's right. My 3 {almost 4} year old knows what it means to "go commando". And he was so happy that way. And a little upset when I forced his Diego unders on him.

Last night, Jason was working late. Since I've mentioned 8 times here that he is a computer guy, you should also know that when they install new systems or do something big with machines and cords, they have to do it when there aren't people planning on using those computer thingys. So he has to work late nights sometimes. Not a biggie.

Until the power went out at our house {and 30,000 of our friendly neighbors' homes, as well}. It went out right at 7:20. So, I ran to put the kids in the bath knowing that there wasn't that much more light available. After bath, they were running around nekkid while I was searching for some jammies with a flashlight. We have stacks of clean clothes from our trip and nothing is in a drawer, yet. So, while I'm digging through the baskets, I hear Henry running, then stopping. Running, then stopping. What in the world is he doing?

I soon found out that he was POOPING! He was like Hansel and Gretel leaving tracks of poop across the house. It was dark. I couldn't find wipes- or diapers- or flashlight to avoid stepping in the POOP! Good gravy.

Cute now. Not so cute when you are picking up and smearing off poop from carpets, rugs, your feet and your clothes. I'm so glad we haven't gotten new carpet, yet!

If steam could come out of your ears like it does in cartoons, it would have been pouring out of mine!

After I got my little stinkers to sleep, I used the last slivers of light to hop in my shower to wash off the day {and the poop, but I think you probably got that}.

When Jason finally got home we actually sat and talked in the dark. Is that what people used to do? Does anybody know how quiet your house is without electricity?

Of course we had our iPhones to check power outage updates online, Facebook and other very important matters like those. Power finally came back on at 11:30-ish when we were both asleep on the sofa {because it was 80+ degrees upstairs}. The lights popped on all over and I ran in to shut them off in the kids rooms. They were happily asleep and seeing them like that makes me think they are so sweet and kind.

Even with the poop and the destroyed keyboard and commando children.

But I was also half asleep, so I was most likely in a daze. Yep- in a no-power induced daze.

Back to the real world today. We're headed to Jason's company picnic- WITH water slides. A combination that strikes fear in the heart of this mom.
Even more than poop in carpet.


Lydia said...

You are too funny! We haven't had the poop incident-yet- but my laptop is currently missing the function key. I'm ashamed to say how long it's been off of there, but at least he hasn't torn any more off!
Have a great weekend!

Darby said...

Don't they make life so very interesting!? Love it!!

Sabrina said...

Too funny! Henry is so cute I love the pictures of him! I am keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have any crazy poop stories! Tom has this gag reflex, so I always get stuck cleaning up anything messing like that!!!!!

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