Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fishy Business

We are fish sitting this week for our wonderful neighbors who are out of town camping. They have 2 teen/ pre-teen children who are wonderful and one- Sarah- has a fish named Sarah {ingenious, I think} and she asked us to feed her while they are gone. We only feed her 5 minuscule tablets a day, so that job is reserved for me and not Ollie. I imagine he would feed her enough for a month- or two.

But this has got me thinking about something that I read about recently. Some parents do a "pet swap" where they share a pet- like a hamster. Each family gets 6 weeks and then they pass him on. Doesn't that sound ideal? You might have him twice a year and then your kids get their pet fix taken care of! And you don't have to find people to hamster-sit when you're out of town all year long! Or try to find hotels who are hamster friendly, etc.
This is a great shot of Sarah the Beta fish above.
So, who's in? I'm going to be trading my lovely dogs- whom I ♥ dearly- for as many weeks as you'll take them so you, too, can have the joy of pet ownership.
Any takers?


The Gunters said...

I'll take your dogs if you take mine!! :)

andi said...

Too funny! I am pet sitting a betta and a -get this- brim. Yep, you read that correctly, a brim. :)

Carrie said...

Nice try, Hillary! You are STUCK with those dogs.

Not a bad idea for a small pet like a hamster or guinea pig. Knowing my luck, that pet would die on my visit, and we'd disappoint all those kids in the swap. Sigh...

Jenny said...

I so wish I could do that with my dogs, too. However, they might get treated so well at another home that they would never come back! Although.....that might be a good thing! I think I'd be willing to pet swap with a fish..something easy.

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

What kind of dogs?

Wait, never mind. I can't bear the thought of depriving you from even one moment of quality time with your pooches. ;)

meredith said...

You need to read Owen "Fish Out of Water" while y'all are fish sitting. It' about a boy who has a fish but feeds him too much. It's great!


Katie said...

Hey Other Mama! I've been out of the loop for a bit, but I've been checking in at times - just haven't commented in awhile. I read that article too on the pet swapping and thought it was a neat idea. In case you didn't catch that, I just used the word "neat" which I haven't done since the late 80's and I guess means that I find it not as exciting as "awesome," or "rad," but definitely a little "narley." I'm too far away to share dogs, but my Molly would LOVE it! It's her hearts desire...too bad, it won't be fulfilled:( My MIL is TERRIFIED of the D word. We'd never get her to visit again....now that I'm thinking about it, maybe we could "share" those dogs after all!

Karla said...

Great idea. We have a very old, half-blind and uber-protective miniature schnauzer. The boys love her but they keep asking when we can have a puppy!

Hey, do I see your new countertop in this post? Did I miss the kitchen reveal?

Linda said...

Isn't Sarah a male? ;)

Greetings from the netherlands!

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