Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Three and Three Quarters

My big man with his girl"fray-end" at their end of the year school picnic.

I don’t know if there is anything magical going on around here, but Ollie has entered into a really fun phase. He is 3 and ¾ of a year old and the best way I can muster to describe is that he has started to “get” things. Jason and I have both noticed little things adding up.

The other day at the playground, I watched him run effortlessly like a kid- a full-blown, turn-on-a-dime run that didn’t have an ounce of awkward in it. He can climb, jump and slide with the greatest of ease and take down opposing pirates {some other kids across the playground} without a scratch.

Last week I got onto him for taking something away from his brother {or maybe it was form tackling him- who can remember?} and he replied, “But he broke the car tracks!”
OK- not only did he consider and deliver retribution, but also he RATIONALIZED his actions. Scary!

Every other night {Jason and I swap nights} when I put him to bed he asks me to sleep with him in his bed. I tell him that I can’t because I have to sleep with daddy.
Last night he replied, “The sissy”.

That last one might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the rest are happening. He is a full fledged kid. He has friends {or “FRAY-ends” if you’re from Alabama}, knows what birthday party invitations look like {and starts to plan as soon as we get them} and he pleads every day to not nap: “Pleeeeeeeeease, Mommy. I don’t neeeeeeed a naaaaaaap. I neeeeeed to plaaaaaaaaay.”
As annoying as that is to read, imagine hearing it every day. And then imagine convincing a whiny little guy that he does, in fact, need to nap. And he does.

One point for the mommy.

I’m sure that different kids develop at different ages and stages, but this entrance into “kid- hood” is interesting. It’s NEAT to see him remember things I promised the day before and never delivered. Or to hear him say, “I thought you said we couldn’t eat on the sofa. YOU’RE eating on the sofa…”
Uh huh. Really great.

So long my little man. You are a big boy now.
Go get those pirates.
And keep their pesky fruit snacks off the sofa.


Laura said...

love the picture! sounds like he is full of one-liners!!

Anonymous said...

Ollie is so old! I can remember when you and Keith Thompson were about that age, and had your picture in the Dothan Eagle.....Remember? Soooo cute--He was the first boy you ever invited over to play. Ollie will be doing that soon---I think you may have been 5. Love ya, Mom

Susannah said...

They grow up so fast! I can't believe that Ollie is that old! You'll look up in a minute and he'll be graduating from high school!

Ivy said...

I love that he referred to your husband as "the sissy"...hilarious!

nick, robyn and taylor said...

Aww, sad, but so sweet, too! Thanks for sharing your stories. They're great.

P.S. If you haven't already left a comment on my "make your own caption" post, please do so at this time. I gave you a shout out!


Muthering Heights said...

That is so sweet! I love this!

annieck said...

SO SO sweet!!! They grow up WAY too fast! Enjoy every minute!

Sherill said...

Such a fun age. Age 4 is when I really started having fun with my kids. Not that I didn't love them and play with them when they were younger. But this was the age that we started going to museums and parks and learning together. I have pictures of Phillip and Laura pretending they were statues at just about every musuem in Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia. It was a good time!

The Stain Family said...

So sweet! :) What a big boy. {Oh, and that wreath...did your MIL realize it probably cost $40 from a florist?! ha...a joke? oh. my. ;)}

Heather said...

I also became a follower of The Other Mama!!

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