Thursday, June 11, 2009

T minus 32 hours and counting

Me and Hubs as Space Camp Counselors riding Space Shot (circa 1998-ish)
Do you know the story of how Jason and I met? If so, then you'd know we are space geeks.

As in, moon boot wearing, shuttle tile owning, trivia knowing, astronaut loving, downright dorks for some NASA.

So, with that in mind, I planned a secret trip for Jason's birthday {which is today!} to see a Space Shuttle Launch. It just so happened that one is planned on a Saturday {fewer days to take off work}, near his birthday and it's one of the last shuttle launches that will ever happen. AND I GOT ON SITE TICKETS!!!!! {Of course you don't have to have tickets; you can see it from anywhere on the right side of Florida, but since we're geeky- in case you missed that above- I wanted to go all out.}

The tickets we got are about 6 miles away- which is the closest you can be so your heart doesn't stop and all {minor details}.

We will spend Thursday night in Georgia and then we'll head down to the Cape {watch out, don't trip over my geeky-ness} on Friday.

The launch is scheduled for 7:19 AM Eastern Time on Saturday.

Which means we have to be on site by 2:30 AM on Saturday. Apparently that time exists; I had no idea. They shut all roads around Kennedy Space Center near a launch, so you have to be there really early before they close everything down.

Did I mention we are taking our kids and Jason's parents? We are.

Must go finish packing!
Sunscreen? Check.
Bug spray? Check.
Video camera? Check.
Stories that will one day force my own children to also be space dorks? Check.

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AJB said...

Hey Hillary, hope you guys have such a good time! Stories expected!


Laura said...

can't wait to see pics!

andi said...

Hey Hillary! I love that you have tickets!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD!??!!! One of the last launches? Why? When will there be another one? Have a wonderful time. I really love your blog header! Precious!
Thanks for stopping by to read mine! I love comments and appreciate you taking time to respond. Have great time!

Jennifer said...

Wow...awesome trip and awesome birthday present! I saw one launch when I lived in Orlando for a summer (I worked at Disney), but we weren't nearly that close.
Have fun and I hope to see some good pictures!

Lori said...

Wow - how cool! I didn't know that you are into space. Space Camp was one of my favorite movies in the 90's! Have a great time, and way to go for thinking of such an inventive bday present!

Ivy said...

That is sooo neat!! You guys will have a blast. My Uncle works for Florida Attractions Association and has been to several launches!

Hollie and Janie said...

have a blast, hill! (pun intended!)

Diana Williams said...

Hope you took water, too! Granted, it's an early launch, but I nearly had heat stroke at a 10 am launch in '96. HAVE FUN! Diana

Sabrina said...

I was reading yhis post and glanced aver at the clock and it said two thirty am! Right now you should be on site. Hope that you have a great time.

Becky said...

I love the pic of you two on Space Shot. I met Darren at the Space Center so we geeks too. We met summer of '99 there. But I have to admit *hangs head in shame* I have never ridden Space Shot. Yep, I have operated it but have never ridden it. I'm a MAJOR CHICKEN.

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