Sunday, June 14, 2009

In case you haven't heard

That's NASA lingo for "we still got up at 1:15 am only to find out we had no where to go".
The good thing is that we hadn't woken the kids up, yet. And I have to admit I was pretty happy that I got to go back to sleep.

We officially still have our cool tickets, but depending on what "they" say today, we might or might not come home. I'm still holding out hope, just so I can live with the 2 day trip to get down here. Or the fact that we will most likely have to do it in one day to get back. OK. Can't think about that. Moving on.

While we are here at the beach, we might as well take advantage of the surroundings, so we headed for the beach. We were happy to see some sand on Friday night. And then we ran into some locals.
And then Ollie and Henry got to try out their beach toys.
Henry is NOT impressed at all with the ocean. He is very skeptical, screams and does not want to go near the "scawy wat-y".
So he got to hang out with his Nana on the sand.
Saturday we were happy to get in the ocean. There's never anything wrong with your toes in the waves, right?
Ollie was in heaven and built castles and played ALL morning with his dad and grandpa.
And might possibly have gotten buried in the sand. Saturday afternoon we hung out in the super cool pirate area of the kids pool {but didn't get any pictures since I was in the pool with the kiddos} so we were pretty water logged yesterday. A perfect day at the beach!
So we are still here in Cocoa Beach and are trying to make lemons out of lemonade- or sand out of sand spurs. We might go to the Kennedy Space Center today to visit since they owe us. And maybe I can talk them into a launch soon. I can be pretty persuasive.
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Lori said...

Your time by the ocean sounds just heavenly to this land-locked Mama. Hope you got the see the big event after all!

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

I read the news about the launch this morning, and immediately thought of YOU. What a bummer. But it does look like everyone made some fun memories. Hope it happens before you have to go home!

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