Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2, 4, 6, 8, Who Do We Appreciate?

Things around here were a little wacky last week since my parents were visiting all week. They live about 5 hours away, so this was a special treat. Dad has a new job that is based out of Huntsville, so hopefully they will get to be up here more, but he will still be in LA {that's Lower Alabama, out of state friends} for the majority of the time.

I've been getting the nudge for quite some time now. You know the one, I'm sure.
The gentle reminders to take my CRAP high school memorabilia from my parents' house. The thing is, I have no use for it and it's rightful home is in that high school house.
That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.
Unfortunately, it didn't fly.

When my parents got here, my dad made a huge production about some gifts he brought for the boys. This is how it went:

Big Daddy {Dad}: Boys, I have got a special present for y'all. One for EACH of you! Your mommy is going to love them, too! Do you want your special present?


BD: I can teach you how to use them and you will get to use them a lot! They are so much fun to play with inside! {Really getting them riled up}


And this is what he pulled out:
Dec 09.5 042
Nice, huh?

I was laughing so hard that I didn't get any pictures at the time, but I took some this morning.

This is the main thing that those megaphones are good for- either these dunce cap wannabees or for sliding/ riding them across the floor.
Dec 09.5 072

Dec 09.5 077
Since I had mad cheering skillz {ha}, I tried to teach them how to yell into the megaphones, but this is what I see:
Dec 09.5 100
I think we'll have to work on football scholarships instead of cheerleading ones, but they really enjoy hearing other people yell in them. Especially my dad, who had lots of kind words about bringing my crapola back up to it's "rightful" home.

There is a huge bin in the garage full of corsages {why in the world would I save dead flowers??}, letterman jackets, pictures {that will surely make a few appearances here} and just junk, in general. I'm surprised there weren't any taped episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel Air or Saved by the Bell, but there were some videos, so we'll have to see what's on there. Maybe I'll get lucky and have a 90210 season finale!

So, I have finally, officially and completely moved out of my parents' house at age 31.
Or been kicked out- whatever your take is.

Where are your worthy and meaningful things from high school?
Have your parents given them the boot, yet?
And what do you do with all this stuff?


Kelly said...

Move it into your attic to decay so one day you will appreciate it! My mom moved out of state almost 7 years ago. I was pregnant with child #1 and she made me come get my crap from her house and I moved it into our soon to be nursery we used as a junk room. Once it got moved in the attic .. it has stayed there, never to appear again from the darkside.

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

I got all mine a few years ago but I had already started decluttering several years before that. I had old trophy's that I tossed long ago. Most of what I have now is stuff I really want to keep and all of it will go into a scrapbook one day.

Rachel Olsen said...

Awww - you're growing up!

All my stuff was moved from my house, which was sold, into my aunt's basement while I was at college. I should clairfy that: all the stuff from our house - mine included - was moved into her basement. Then one day unbeknownst to us, she had a massive yard sale and sold everything. Uh, yeah. I kid you not.

So if you don't know what to do with it all, I can call my aunt for you.

Lydia said...

Well-my mother informed me that I HAD to read your post today(as if I don't read all of them anyway)! I believe high school memorabilia should stay with the parents too-its' rightful home! At least you haven't made your parents relocate it with them. Mine just moved to KS with my parents. I know, I know...I need to grow up already. Oh and I totally still have a box of old corsaages!! I think my blue and white megaphone also was slipped into our garage at one point. Maybe I should let me kiddo play with it so it gets some use!

susanv said...

I wholehearted agree that HS stuff belongs at the parents' house. Fortunately, my mom agrees and all of my keepsakes are stored in my closet in my old bedroom. My mother-in-law does not agree and brings a box of my husband's "crap" to us every time she visits. Some we have boxed up and kept and some we have thrown away. I don't have any dead flowers, but I do have all of my yearbooks, lots of pictures and lots of letters/notes.

pendy said...

As the mother of two grown children, I'm on the other end of the equation. I did take (sneak) a lot of my son's things to his home but the walls of his old room...still covered in athletic awards. My daughter's place is very small, so you know where her stuff is....

Ashley said...

I'm sorry to say my old "crapola", ha, is in my house now, packed away in bins and I have dead flowers as well, maybe one day they'll make it to the big green cans outside, but for now, dead flowers and all, tucked safe in one of our closets!!!!

Holley McWilliams said...

I so forgot about those megaphones!! My wonderful Mom must have just tossed those because she surely does not still have them! Too funny!!!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I have a cedar chest where I keep all my junk. I don’t have megaphones (are you kidding?) or a letter jacket, so it all fits (mostly) in the chest. For a while earlier this year, I thought I’d lost my yearbooks, and I just about died. Fortunately, I found them. However, the tape of all my friends and me doing skits in drama class is no longer in my possession. Probably because it belongs to my best friend, and she won’t let me keep it at my house anymore. Brat.

The HoneaBees said...

I keep changing the subject when it comes up, so it is all at my parent's house. I did go through and throw some of it away, anything incriminating, when I was in college dating a jealous type who I thought I would marry. I have more storage space here, but I just don't want to drag it all home.
One day we will be on the other end and have all of our kid's crap. I think I will have to be like the other commenter's aunt and have a yard sale!

Jamie said...

Too Funny! Every time my parents come to see me they sneak in another tub o' junk from my high school days as well. I was able to ditch my old megaphones and pom poms off on my niece since I too have only boys.

Anonymous said...

I got married at 22 and had all my stuff moved within 2 years. Sorry! But my husband made me throw away all photos of me and my highschool boyfriend. :-( Not that I wanted memories of the boy, but I looked good back then and I wanted the proof!

thedettras said...

Oh, I recently pulled out my 1985 denim jacket that was adorned with pin buttons to show my now 12yo how cool I was back in the day..... pulled it out and the pins had rusted through the material.... basically it was a rusty "holy" mess!! So much for being cool!!

Melissa said...

My junk got "kicked out" of my mom's about 10 years ago! I have it all in boxes in my attic. Don't know what I'll ever do with all of it, but some things (like the trophies) I'd like to show Matthew & Luke someday.

Katie said...

So so funny! Just this weekend, my mom said to me, "I want you to go through this final box of junk up there on that shelf some time this summer." She'd tossed everything else and said some of it was so interesting! I bet. I'm thinking now that perhaps she learned a little more about me than I would have cared her to. BTW, my beloved high school closet now houses a small kitchen suite and dollhouse/truck basket for the grandchildren. It's good to be loved huh? Merry Christmas Other Mama!

Lindsey said...

i've slowly tried to get all my junk from my dad's house. just this past weekend i found one of my softball parkas with name monogrammed and everything. i did manage to take an old, but very nice, cowboy hat from the hs days and add to the dress up box for grady. and yes, i have the olivia book and relate so well to her mother:). merry christmas hillary!

Jennifer said...

So funny! I recently discovered my ex-step mother threw all my high school stuff away and I'm super bummed about it. I had some great costumes (from 12 years of dance) that would have made a wonderful dress up box for Isabelle. I still am mourning the loss of them all. Good thing she is my EX-step mother...otherwise we would have some words.

Brandi said...

That is funny! My parents kept a box of my stuff up in their attic for a while with no complaints. They finally said come and get it or it goes to the trash! I have my prom dress, letter jacket, dance uniform and my yearbooks up in my attic now. :)

Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

Merry Christmas! :)

Angela said...

Oh yes, Hillary, you are NOT alone!! As soon as we got a house with an attic, BOTH of our parents brought our "stuff" on a trailer!!! Needless to say, there is no more room in the attic!! Enjoy!

Donna said...

My parents did the SAME THING- all my junk- including a ginormous Azalea trail dress and my megaphone, pompoms, etc. is here. In my little, no-storage house. BUT we get to do this to our kids in 20 years and have empty closets ourselves. :)

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

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