Monday, December 21, 2009

Like a wiseman, I found the Nativity

You'd think it was only available in Bethlehem.


After loads of fruitless online research, I called Bitty of Itty Bitty here in Huntsville {where our nativity originated} and asked her where it came from. {Bitty is her real name- or close enough. It's like Other Mama's name was Smiles; it just sticks. It's a Southern thing I can't explain.} Bitty said it's from a company called Kubla Craft {also Kubla Kids} and that she wasn't carrying them this year.

So, I called the company and they don't sell to the public; only to stores. Because apparently they think the economy is great and don't want business. Or else they are only a wholesaler or something like that.

But, they gave me the name of some of their retailers that have online sites and LO AND BEHOLD I found them! If only I had had a bright star to follow for a few years, it might have been a bit easier.

So, I called Cindy of CDK Enterprises in Parker, Colorado and she has them! Well, after talking with Cindy {my new friend who I love} they only have ONE! She said they will have them year round, though, so you can get them in January to prep for next year.
Their price is $26.10 + shipping {and there is even a small possibility to get that one to you before Christmas}.
As an encouragement to purchase anything on her site, Cindy even gave you lovely readers a discount! If you enter TOMAMA10 in the Gift or Certificate Coupon Number at Checkout, you will receive an additional 10% discount! Let me know if you are the lucky recipient of the LAST ONE!

Since Cindy only has one, I also called Carol at Good Time Learning in North Carolina. She has several and their price is $32.95 + shipping. They don't have a website and are making an exception to deal with individual customers, but they said they would be happy to help! Her phone number is 704-542-2622 and you need to call to order.

Don't forget to enter the Happy Birthday, Jesus package giveaway! I'll close it tonight {Monday!} and ship it tomorrow so you'll have it in time for the birthday party!


erinstwo said...

Finally catching up! Had to see this must have nativity - you know I love a little shopping -it is so cute! I don't know why, but I always thought her name was Biddie? But she named the store Itty Bitty? Guess I was WRONG! Hope she'll forgive my mispronunciation all these years!

Dawn said...

hey... do know where i can find a...
no :) i'm kidding! i think it is super sweet that you called all around heaven & earth for this nativity set... that you already have :) merry christmas hillary :)

Christine McCann ( said...

HEARTBROKEN! Someone got to the last one before me! Is that 10% still good in January? Thanks for hunting. I'm getting one for next year!! You ROCK!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Yes, Christine and all,
10% off should still be good in January! :)

Janean said...

Hillary, when you don't want something that much, it's everywhere, but if you WANT something, you can't find's some law of the universe. lol. cut nativity.

April said...

I got the last one, yeah! It was delivered to my doorstep this afternoon just in time for our birthday party! Thanks for the discount! Merry Christmas!

Marynell said...

Hey, are right...the owner of Itty Bitty is Biddie which is her nickname. Her real name is Calla! FYI.....

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