Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best of The Other Mama- 2009

Since it's the season to go all "Best Of", I thought I'd join in. 'Cause I'm a sucka for a bandwagon.
And I am vain and like talking about myself.
There. I said it.

Seriously, my absolute most FAVORITE thing about blogging is meeting new people and connecting with old and new friends. I have met several people recently at Christmas parties or in Chic-fil-As {where else?} who recognized me and that is 1) so cool 2) a little weird and 3) SO MUCH FUN! Y'all are the BEST.

I love writing and hopefully encouraging you and making you laugh. That is one of the biggest delights in my day. YOU are the best treat out there and thank you for your time to read my ramblings.

Speaking of ramblings, here are my Top Ten favorite posts from 2009 {in no particular order because that would take brain cells}:

1. An ode to Henry at 15 months old

2. A crazy phone call that made my day

3. A few pointers to my high school cheerleading squad

4. My views on Facebook

5. Henry at the crime scene

6. What goes on under the sofa, stays under the sofa
sofa 3

7. Ollie's Two-th Day of Christmas

8. I still cannot belive the word "Douche" is here, but it was so much fun {the POST, that is}
hold me closer, Tony Danza

9. A day in the life of a Mom
Picnik collage

10. Oh, Harry Connick, Jr. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

My other highlights included the Birthday Bash giveaway week {I'll definitely be doing that again next year- first week in September! Mark your calendars!}, my first MckLinky Carnival and writing for (in)courage- what an honor.

Thanks for inviting our family to be a part of your life in 2009. We promise to be just as messy, sub-par and entertaining in 2010. We might even beat our own record for disfunctionality- because we ARE overachievers, you know.
hayride family pic

Happy New Year and Much Love to You All!


Sandra said...

It's been my pleasure! Happy New Year!

Diana said...

Happy New Year Hillary! XXOO!

The HoneaBees said...

I am working on a year in review too!! Especially since I cannot upload any christmas pictures-they made me send my camera off! :(
Great memories!
Here's to 2010!

Kelly said...

So happy to have 'met' you through blogging, even though you are MUCH better than I at it.

I knew we had more in common than being snarky Southern women .. I LOVE Harry Connick, Jr too and have ever since When Harry Met Sally way back in 1989! I'm old school like that.

Happy Happy to your and yours. Here's to the next decade.

Amy Bayliss said...

I almost went into labor reading some of these. Girl! You are too much!!

Happy New Year!

BASSakward Tales said...

hil you are need to write a book...very good writer...i might add

Jamie said...

Love it. :) Happy New Year!

Unreasonable Grace said...

Hill, you always make me grin, at the very least - and usually a great big belly-laugh! I'm so glad to "know" you.
Here's to the Lord's favor in 2010!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Your blog has been one of my favorite finds of 2009!!! Thanks for all the laughs!!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

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