Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An Exiled Christmas

I'm sure you know by now that I'm married to a computer nerd. He would take that title as a compliment and say, "Nerds rule the world" and I might acknowledge him or not.
No matter his cute overconfidence, he REALLY comes in handy for all things computer.

If you have ever seen a frat boy sweating out his Saturday night party in church on Sunday morning, then you might get a good idea what Jason and I looked like without the internet for 5 days. {By the way, do we still capitalize "Internet" or not? We did when I was in college and Al Gore had JUST invented it, but I'm not sure of it's current status.} But we are BACK! I missed y'all so much.
And a coffee shop.
But we shook and sweated our way through a wonderful Christmas.

My parents gave us an amazing gift of our own rental house at St. George Island for the time we were down there over Christmas {thus no wi-fi, or whatever the right words are}. Some might say that our children are loud and messy and the whole family has exiled us.

To that I say, I will amp them up on sugar before we visit so that they will exile us again! It was so nice to be able to sprawl out train tracks, broken vertical blinds and such in our own space.

I'll be back with a Christmas run down tomorrow {we had 5; it might be a marathon}, but for now, I hope you had an amazing and wonder- filled Christmas!

Christmas Card 2009
Here is our 2009 Christmas card {it was 2 sided, not extra long}.
And a special shout out to the wonderful Melissa Tash who not only designed these for us, but double designed one with our kids' blog names. What a wonderful blog reader and friend!

Be back soon with my favorite Christmas gifts and a celebrity sighting!


Lydia said...

That is a great Christmas card! So cute that you had a 'blog version'! Hope your Christmas was very merry!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

NO internets?? What? I just figured you were vacationing and Christmasing; I had no idea about the shaking and sweating!!

In other words, glad to have you back. Glad you survived. :)

And hello? That card is ADORABLE!! I want Melissa to design my card next year! So cute!! (Oh, I guess it helps that the kiddos are cute enough to munch on!)

Lindsey said...

love the christmas card! and glad you guys had such a great christmas. looking forward to hearing all about it!

ParkerMama said...

Love it. And celebrity sightings too? Can't wait!

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