Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Woof- an update

Thank you so much for checking on me. I'm here. I have been pretty sick this week {Sick as a Dog- WOOF}, though, so I'm crawling out of my hole created by my Snuggie and Kleenex box indentations in the sofa to let you know I am alive.
Kinda. I'm in some sort of haze of alertness created by the combination of an excess of sinus medication + hours of TLC.

Despite my FONK, the world continues to spin {unfortunately} and we are headed full steam into Christmas. Here are a few of my observations this week:

* I tossed a dirty diaper downstairs headed towards the outside trash cans {we evict those right away, don't you?} and it accidentally landed under the piece of furniture that the nativity {that I bought last year} is on and I had a revelation.

I bet the stable where Jesus was born smelled a lot like that diaper.

And Mary couldn't just toss it downstairs. She delivered a BABY there- no clean hospital room with room service or quasi-edible food. {What in the world DID she eat?} No flowers or drugs or well wishers with gifts.
She was there with her new baby, new husband and animals in a barn {1 cow, 1 camel and 3 sheep to be exact; that's what's in every nativity}. Eventually there was a drummer for entertainment and some Kings and Shepherds, you know, but WOW.

Speaking of shepherds, I happen to know a sheep that needs taming if you're in the biz.
Sheep head Sheep back

* Ollie's pre-school class had a health care {or something- whatever UCP is; fill me in, peeps} rep come to their classroom today to observe and help with any children who might need it. His teacher told the rep {rightfully} that Ollie doesn't like to do his class work, so she sat with him for a while. Then she asked him to write with his LEFT hand instead of his right. And he did.
And finished all his work without complaining.
You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. I feel like the biggest DOLT!! He obviously still needs some work since he has never been asked to write with his left hand before, but he gets it. And he might not hate school after all.
And this might explain why he always wants to bat left handed. But we force him to bat right handed. Nice.

Just when I thought I had Parent of the Year in the bag...

* Henry is 2. I know you knew that, but he has hit this stage like Tiger Woods' wife an all star MVP. He is the king of the 2s. He only eats what he wants to eat: most of Thanksgiving weekend he ate chips and cookies. He STOLE a whole plate of cookies and went to hide and EAT THEM IN THE CORNER. Seriously. {Proof he is my child... I know}
He climbs on the breakfast table to get an apple and then eats the whole thing {and tons of hair/ crumbs/ play-doh it picks up every time he drops it} over the course of 3 hours {I think the health of an apple outweighs the crazy germs he's getting, right?}.
He does what he wants to do and really doesn't care too terribly much about getting in trouble or doing what you ask him to do.

For example, here is a family picture with most of the cousins at Thanksgiving {but someone is missing}:
Cousins - H
Why? Because he was screaming his head off because he didn't want to sit.
Cousins 2
He just wanted to flee the scene and PLAY. {Maybe because his brother was Vogue-ing? I don't know...}
cousins 3

We do not give in {most of the time}, but I've already hit the wall where I don't quite remember if he will ever come out of this stage.
Please? Remind me?

I know I have an older child. But this one might not come out of the woods. And I know 2 and a HALF is loads easier because they start to understand consequence for their actions.
Is that right? I have lost all sense of time with this child because he has worn me down to a mere shadow of my former parenting self by the end of the day. It's either that or the sheer exhaustion from lack of sleep while tossing and turning worrying about his future criminal record.

Oh, the joys of motherhood.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. Hopefully I'll be back soon with a coordinated thought not fueled by Nyquil.


Tami said...

Hang in there Hillary! You are doing GREAT!!!

And Ollie is a lefty eh? Tell him this lefty said that only left handed people are in their right mind :-D (well...tell him when he is old enough to read a website all about how the left side of the body is ruled by the right side of the brain :-D)

Ivy said...

Get better soon!! Being sick is NO fun!! I liked your little shout out to Tiger's wife...haha...what a mess!

Melanie said...

Feel better soon! I never thought I would live through the 2's but somehow I did and so did my kids. I was nearly bald though from all my hair pulling.

Hollie and Janie said...

I hope you feel better, Hillary!! At least you've had your snuggie to keep you warm! (i'm hoping santa reads this and notes my hint of jealousy and brings me one!)
That sheep of yours is pretty cute, and now that his parents are no longer stifling his academic ability, I'm sure he'll do fabulous in school! ;) Seriously, hope you get to feeling better very soon!!

Anonymous said...

I loved this ramble of yours, Hillary. You'll feel better soon and the two's will get better, too!
Loved your son "vogue-ing"! Did you teach him that?

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Okay, first? I'm glad you're feeling better! I actually came over to check on your blog yesterday, because I was worried that Google Reader had somehow stopped pulling your feed. But no. You just hadn't posted. I started to get worried, but then I remembered that you'd emailed me. So I thought you must just be busy. But now I learn that you were sick?! Yuck!!

Off to actually read your post now...

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Oh, honey, I know where you are coming from! We have QUITE the 2-year-old ourselves, and I have had MANY a day where I'm not sure it will EVER get better. I'm told it will. But in the trenches, it's hard to believe that! I'm trying to be consistent and patient and remember that all of this (the good times and the bad) will go by too quickly.

Not that it works. But it's what I'm trying. :)

And that voguing? Too cute.

Lauren said...

First of all, your "sick as a dog-woof" comment reminded me of my favorite Home Alone quote when Kevin is home alone and finds a picture of Buzz's girlfriend and says, "Buzz...your girlfriend...WOOF!" Hahahaha! I don't know why that is so funny to me. Can you tell I have been sucked in to watching all the silly Christmas movies on tv as of late?

Secondly, Sipsey is NOT EVEN 2 and acts just the same! Her dinners lately consists of Chex mix, raisins, chips, fruit snacks, etc. We're lucky if we can trick her into eating green beans or REAL fruit. He may not be 2 and a HALF yet, but y'all already have a few months on us. BE THANKFUL!

Amanda said...

Hope you feel better soon! 3s are WAY better than 2s.

Susannah said...

Hope you get better real soon! Wow, Ollie is left handed...that does make sense with all of his whining about doing his work. So glad it was an easy fix. Henry...he will come out of it...we are in the same boat! I just hope soon! :)

Kelly said...

We have one righty and one lefty at our house, just like the parents. Parker used both hands for the longest time, she still colors simutaneously on opposite pages. It's cool and freaky at the same time. Anyway in 4k, she finally decided to write right handed. Grant is a known lefty, even at 3, he does everything left handed. At least now you know and you didn't FORCE Ollie to go to school for years trying to be right handed when he's not. We all make parenting fumbles from time to time but it all works out at the end of the day.

Glad you are feeling better and your ramblings are more solid than mine stone.cold.sober.

Stephanie B said...

So sorry you've been feeling yucky. I'll put extra peppermint flavor in my fudge for the bake sale (for clearing out your sinuses!) and you can have a taste. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Baby! Sorry you've been sick - it stinks, huh?

That is SO FUNNY about the left handedness!! No, really, it IS funny, because every parent of a left-handed child does the same thing. It's only embarressing and/or cause for revokation of your Parenting Certificate if you happen to be left-handed, too, like my younger sister. My niece is left-handed, and Sis/BIL didn't figure it out until she was in 2nd grade...and my Sis is LEFT-HANDED!!!

The Terrible Two's eventually do pass. You'll get a little break before the Frustrating Fives take over. Just pick your battles carefully and let the rest slide. And be so very, very thankful that you aren't dealing with twins!

I hope you're feeling loads better soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh! And the whole food thing? Don't fret. He'll make up for it when he's a teenager, eating everything in sight, and even the stuff that's NOT in sight. My Teen Son#1 consumed the entire secret stash of oreos last night. Both. Bags. Completely. Gone! He also ate two turkey sandwiches. After dinner.

Matt, Carrie, Lucy and Molly Allen said...

even when you are sick you crack me up! lucy didn't have terrible 2s, she had terrible 3s-ugh! but she got a lot better at 4, and now at 5 she is becoming a way picky eater and so set in her ways (but that could partly be b/c of the new addition to our family) anyway, hope you feel better soon!!!

Unreasonable Grace said...

Praying you get all better quick.

You know, of course, lefties are different from righties. I'm just sayin'.

And get some duct tape. That and wd-40 should help with the whole Henry-situation.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

((HUGS)) Hope you are feeling better soon... In the mean time, enjoy some TLC for me!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Marge said...

i'm not sure if it gets better. if it does, will you let me know? for all we know our lives could be like this until they're 18 and move out of the house. ;) my older son is 3 and 1/2 and it's actually pretty wonderful at this stage. so if you can hold out for a little longer, provided that your child is not of the feral variety, then it'll get loads better. :)

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

Hang in there, it will get better.

{ L } said... still have a sense of humor in spite of feeling sick! ;) What a good idea to get a family picture on the stairs. What a good-looking family! :)

holly said...

um, i'd love to tell you it'll be over soon, but we have been in the terrible 2s since hadley was 18months and she is 3 now...and is still terrible. doesn't this mean the will be awesome teens? hope you get better soon.

Rachel Olsen said...

Hope your feeling better, and getting over your Nyquil addiction soon!

Dawn said...

oh hillary! oh my gosh! i hope it gets better. that was a long time ago for me. but mine are 12 & 15 (survivors of my mothering) so i'm guessing it will get better! as long as everyone writes with their right hand. oops! i mean correct hand!

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