Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A One Legged Man

Y'all. I'm busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.

You know I mentioned starting a monogramming business. Well I am. And I'm SO (I'm going to resist the urge to write "sew") excited about it. But there is so much to learn!

I'm trying to grasp monogramming fonts, applique, product vendors, designing a website, new software terminology, learning how to operate my big, honkin' machine (that I love so much I want to marry) and which products to carry.

Here are some of the items that I already have in stock or will have in stock ASAP:

Gifts for you, your friends or tweens (overnight duffle bag)

Merci Overnight Duffle- RUI

Awesome Mother's Day gifts or Suck up to Your Kid's Teacher ideas:
Large Market Tote

Cute totes and hooded baby towels:
Giraffe Tote bag
Colored hooded towel

Lots and lots of adorable and thick baby bibs, burp cloths and general baby accessories (like diaper covers and boxers for boys):
Hampton Stripe Bib
Really soft and sturdy beach/ pool towels in stripes and cute patterns
Cabana stripe beach towels

I'm also going to have a big selection of great graduation gifts (towel wraps, laundry bags, garment bags, etc). Oh- and kitchen and linen towels, too! There is so much out there it's really hard to control oneself.

Here are the big questions:
What would you like to purchase in a monogramming store?
What are your favorite gifts to give and receive?
What is something that you are always looking for but can't ever find?
Do you think I'm crazy for starting an online business when I'm about to have my 3rd child? WAIT... don't answer that one.
I even had my first order this week! A friend needed some towels monogrammed as gifts and I was happy to oblige. She was brave enough to be my first customer, but they turned out pretty good if I do say so!
kitchen towel

I'm also doing all kinds of applique and testing out different stores. I want to have lots of cute children's options- since I have some (sometimes cute) children myself, you know, and  happen to know that there are A LOT of cheesy things out there. Here is a T-shirt in action tonight for Henry to wear to school. It has a cool guitar and his name.

applique guitar

So, if you are in Huntsville and want something monogrammed, let me know! I should have the website up and running by May 1st, but for now will take local orders (or others if you really see something up there that you can't live without or something similar). I can't wait to show y'all the website, do giveaways and really get going.

For now, though, it's back to the butt kicking contest of getting started. I'll keep you updated on the score!


Rachel said...

OY! I would go broke!

I love that awesome folding tote and the terrific fabrics.

And I need some soft dishtowels - badly...

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE stripes! Our kiddo loves the guitar. So that t-shirt is a perfect match for him! So... what say you to starting my order up??? :)

chrisannan said...

The guitar shirt is too cute!!! I always have a hard time finding something for Will that isn't too "babyish"-know what I mean?!Got any other good "big boy" ideas??? Annie is easy! Start me an account-ready when you are!

The Taffs said...

I'm a sucker for ANYTHING monogrammed!

Musings of a Housewife said...

Wow, look at you! I love it. That stuff is gorgeous. Congratulations on your new venture!!

susanv said...

You have my dream job ... of course, I make too much money being an attorney so I just sew for my own kids for fun (and make really cute baby gifts). My fave websites for t-shirt appliques are and Check them out ... I think they both have good sales going on right now.

Jennifer said...

I received a minky dot towel wrap as a gift and loved it! In turn, I have given it as a gift several times.

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

I love it all!! But I don't need bibs, no no , not me. But I'd love some towels and stuff. So awesome you are taking this on. I love embroidery.

Jen @ Little Bit This n That said...

I have an amazing overnight bag, brown with pink monogram and a pink/brown/white striped ribbon bow. The best part is that it can fold down REALLY small for storage--like the size of a wallet. If you had those, I'd buy a ton. I got this one at a craft show and lost her card.

Anonymous said...

I am ALL OVER that giraffe bag. Bring on the online store! Best of luck to you :)

Tara said...

I would marry your machine too! I'm so jealous & very happy for you...this is exactly the business I want to start for myself! You've got some really cute things! I think has great knit t-shirts for boys 7 girls and the prices are pretty good when you have a tax id and you buy in bulk. Tara Collection also has really cute knit dresses for little girls. My daughter is wearing a turquoise one in her 16 month post on my blog. Good luck!

Unreasonable Grace said...

I hope you will do mail orders soon! you could be my new best friend in the gift-shopping department.

Emily said...

Hill! how did i miss this bit of info?? that's do you find the time, woman??
i'm a sucker for anything monogrammed. and i LOVE appliqued stuff for the kids. i'll buy!!
what about some cute aprons?? those make cute teacher gifts, too. i'm so excited for you (and myself)!

heidi said...

LOVE the overnight duffle bag. Was thinking this might be fabulous for my daughter. And I like the basket with the handle!! ...teacher...I am the teacher. :) so of course IT would be for moi.

Diana said...

Do you have a website you can point us to w/the types of things you might carry and I'll tell you the kinds of things I'd buy?

The Gunter Family said...

I want a market tote for our anniversary!! :) Maybe Adam and get it from you! I want one sooo bad! A monogramming store just opened up in our neighborhood and I got a reusable shopping bag there yesterday!! It's so cute! Maybe another possibility for your store? I also love just plain t-shirts appliqued and embroidered for Camp. I'm sure you'll get tons of business from people bringing stuff to you too! There was a girl in town that did it out of her house and she was so reasonable....she ended up getting way too much business and closed down! :( So sad for me!

Rachel Olsen said...

Ooooh, us southern girls do love us some mongrams! Best wishes on the new b'ness!!

Southern Ghetto ~ RAO

Melissa said...

I've been on the lookout for getting monogramed pillowcases for the grandkids...looks like I have found the place to get them! Good Luck with your new business and have fun with the great toy!

Elizabeth Abney said...

Mousepads? I was thinking about giving monogrammed mousepads to the ladies that worked Technology with me this year. I'd definitely get them from you!

My MIL has several monogramming machines. It is addictive! Luckily she lives 5 hours away so I don't end up spending all my money buying cute things to monogram!

And yes, you may be a bit crazy! :) My second is due in August and I am simply trying to figure out when I'll have time to shower, not start a side business! You go Superwoman!

erinstwo said...

Hold the phone- I seem to remember a certain mama telling me (and I quote) "(She) would never want to put her kid in an appliqué from 'here to here'". Welcome to the Dark side! :-) lol

Rebekah said...

Beth is buying her first house right now. I really want to get her a nice table runner and have it monogrammed, a friend did this for me when I got my house. I will call you. ;)

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

How CUTE is that basket? Love it!!

And I'm so stinking excited for you and your biz!!!

nicole said...

I love it! That shirt is great--once your shop opens I'll have to buy one for my baby (and maybe for his big brothers too). You are a brave woman for starting a business at this busy time. :)

dawn said...

love the duffle...would you do something similar for boys, you think?

and baby items are a big hit. I have a niece on the way and I know her let me know when you are open for business to those of us non-alabamians.

I think you are crazy--but in a good way! :0)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Yep. You are crazy alright! But, I can't wait for that website to be up and running!! I LOVE those baskets!! I am also a fan of teachers gifts... something they will actually like and be blessed by!

Mrs. NB

Domestic Chicky said...

Love the market baskets!!

Brandi said...

So cool! Wishing you the best of luck! I'm still drooling over your new embroidery machine. ;)

BTW, I saw your bump pics the other day. Blogger was giving me fits trying to leave a comment, but your 23wk belly is perfectly-sized! So cute!

Anonymous said...

loved the little shirt h had on at school! and the basket - perfect suck up to your kid's teacher gift. :) somebody already did that this year!

Tami said...

I am so excited for you!!! I can see your passion for this all over your posts and know you must be on cloud nine with excitement. Afterall, that's typically the fuel that keeps you going when others would give up...because as you noted in your post... starting a business while raising a family is a lot of work! (I can only imagine what it must be like *wink*)

Can.Not.Wait. For the website to go live!!!! As you know, I have a daughter getting married in September and she all about her new last initial...she wants everything monogrammed! I will be putting in an order for some kitchen towels for sure and can't wait to see what other fun choices you will have!!

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