Monday, March 31, 2008

An Argument FOR Children's Television

I'm just gonna go right out there and say it. I love children's tv. Not for me (although it is pretty entertaining), but for Owen. And he loves it, too. I was 100% anti-tv before I had and when I first had Owen- I even went out of my way to find a school that did not have a tv in the building (his school link is on the left there and they are wonderful). I read all the articles and books and definitely did not want a fat, mush brain type child. But, someone- I think it was Lisa Banks- gave us a "Barney Goes to the Farm" video. Owen was really into animals (still is) and that's where it all started. He loved to watch the farm, animals, sing the songs and Barney was so darn educational and fun (for an odd purple-ish dinosaur). He watched about 15 minutes of it a day from the time he was about 9 months old. From there, we've expanded out into other tv shows, but Barney is still a favorite. I feel a little bit better about admitting this since Owen is over 2, now- the age when doctors/ people in general allow you to not feel guilty any more about your child watching tv- but he did watch it before then. I'm sure Harris will even get more exposure since he loves to hang out with his older brother.

Here are some good guidelines about watching tv that I agree with (and we do most of them):

Owen normally watches about an hour a day (20 minutes in the morning and about 40 in the afternoon). This is my lunch pack time, dinner prep time and overall get things ready time!
His favorite shows are (these are in order of importance- and they rotate):
1. Barney
1. Little Einsteins (notice they are both #1- this is a tie- Barney went first because it was his first love and is alphabetically first)
3. Mickey Mouse
4. Wonder Pets (his parents' absolute favorite- I hate that it has gone down in the rankings recently)
5. Dora (this was a kick for a while, but has kind of faded)

There are other shows that randomly pop up, but these are the best.
We record all these on the DVR and have them handy for everyday watching and/ or "emergencies" e.g. getting ready for church.

Here are the thigns that Owen has learned from this educational programming (notice I am not endorsing your child watching COPS or anything of the sort):
1. He bursts out into song or choreographed dance like Barney and friends do- much to his parents' amusement.
2. He knows all animals and their sounds (and dances for several- ducks, elephants, monkeys)
3. He's picked up fun catch phrases: "What are we going to do?", "Oh Tooooodles!" and "This is ser-wee-us" come to mind.
4. Problem solving skills (okay, maybe this isn't quite perfected, but all the shows do teach that- with an eerily similar theme for about every show.)
5. Best of all, he hugs and kisses us every night (like Barney does) and sings the I Love You song.

Long live the TV!


Mother said...

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to Amanda. I really miss seeing all ya'll girls. Troy could not have educated a better group of young ladies and now wonderful mothers. Your children are absolutely beautiful. I know you are very proud of them. Keep those blogs coming to Ukraine; I know she loves hearing from all of ya'll.
Thanks again for being such a wonderful friend to my daughter.
Ms. C

LeAnne said...

Hi Hillary,
It was nice to find your blog! I found it through the link on Donna's blog. It's a little weird to be able to look into the daily life of someone from college that I haven't seen in such a long time. It's weird because when you don't see people for an extended period of time, they become sort of frozen in time and here we are "grown up" moms and wives.
Your family is adorable! Your little boys look so much like you.
I also enjoy that you put a recipe on your blog. That is a good idea!!

Take care,
LeAnne Duke Howard

Donna said...

Hey Hill- I hear you about TV. Marky learned some sign language and the planets from baby einstein DVDs. And- it helped big time when we potty trained. Hope all is well in the Dunham home- we are having our joint b'day party this Friday so mama is cleaning, cleaning, shopping, shopping. :)

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So neat to hear from you, Leanne! let me know what's up with you- you'll have to blog!! :)

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

D- I haven't thought about it for potty training, yet! I'll have to do that. Good thinking!!
Have a great dual b'day party. You'll have to tell me all about it. What boy/girl theme have you come up with? I'm sure it's good!

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