Thursday, March 20, 2008

What am I thinking?

Okay, I've kind of been inspired to start this and really don't know what I'm getting into or doing! Like that's ever stopped me before...
Hopefully this will look nice and put together before anyone reads it.
Right now it's 10:30 pm. Everyone is asleep and I've got to go feed Harris his "midnight snack". We "dream feed" which I'm sure is looked down upon, but if mama can sleep then I'm all for it! He's been sleeping through the night since 12 weeks, so no complaints here!

I'm looking forward to Easter. I love to see Christ revealed year after year and it renews my heart to wallow in the joy of Easter! Our church does a big cross where you add flowers and it always looks beautiful by the end of the morning. I've got to remember to get fresh flowers for that this year. We have the best picture of it from last year (I'll post here if I can figure out how to do that) and I was about 10 weeks pregnant. Oh- that seems like a world ago!

Hopefully I'll figure all this out soon! Good night!


annieck said...

I am SO excited to get to keep up with you and your beautiful family!!! I feel like I haven't seen or heard from you in FOREVER. Thanks to the blogging world, I can keep up with you regularly. Yea!
I am so glad things are going so well for you. :)
I love the cross your church does. That's awesome!!! :)

Dawn Hosni said...

Hi Hillary,

Love your family blog site! The boys are ADORABLE and I love Owen's ABC song. Have you told him about American Idol?

I don't know how you do it all!

Dawn Hosni

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