Monday, March 24, 2008

The Land of Good Intentions

I've decided that I used to have it together, but since Harris was born, I just live in the land of good intentions.
Examples from yesterday and today:
1) Grocery list- I made one. Found it on the floor beside the door after I got back from the grocery store. Here are the things I forgot: Honey nut Cheerios and Kleenex. (I'm actually pretty proud of myself, now! I thought it would have been more!)
2) Coupons in paper- we take the paper on the weekends just for the Sunday coupons which I promised myself to clip and use. I have 3 Sundays worth stacked up right now!
3) Cloth bags for grocery shopping- I always have these in the car. And I actually used some today!! Hoorah! I'm saving the world one cloth bag at a time.
4) Eating healthy- As I scarfed down FRIDAY'S leftover pizza on the way to the grocery store, I just knew I would look for healthy food when I got there. That was a so-so venture.
5) Flowers for cross on Sunday- if you read my earlier post about buying flowers for the flower cross at church, I did buy them... and they're really pretty on my breakfast table! I forgot to take them!

Back to work... as I intended to do today!


Jenny said...

I'm right there with you for good intentions!

Also, I LOVE chicken salad so I can't wait to try this new recipe. Thanks for sharing!

Jerry and Amanda said...

Hey Hill! The blog is great! I also linked to Donna's through yours. I am glad Easter went well and the boys looked precious! Jerry and I are sitting in the coffee shop in Kiev looking at the Owens' boys Easter pictures. Pretty cool huh??


Laura said...

Where do you find the time???? I am soooo impressed! I think you have been hanging around Connie too much and picked up her wonderful traits of being able to get the impossible done! Love to all! Give those kids a hug from their "Aunt Laudie!"

Emily said...

hill...i can sooo relate to the good intentions. my house is FULL of them! and the chicken salad looks yummy. i'll be sure to file that one in my recipe book..right after i finish my coffee and check my email...see? haha!

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