Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Pediatrician's Office

We visited our pediatrician today to check on Harris's cough. We all have a little congestion- minor crud- but I'm most concerned about Harris becuase of his previous exposure to RSV and because he's kept us up the past 2 nights. Turns out he has a virus which has allowed him to have an ear infection. Dr. Patz, our wonderful pediatrician, prescribed Omnicef, the antibiotic that worked last time, but also turns poop red. I didn't know that the first time we used it, so you can imagine our diaper shock (similar to sticker shock). Hopefully the antibiotic will wipe out the ear infection and if there is a trace of anything bacterial with his cold, then it would help with that, too. Viral infections seem to be the norm for us. Those are the infections that you can't do anything about; you just have to wait and let them run their course- usually about 10 days. That's pretty much what I pay my $25 to hear. :-) This is a picture of Dr. Patz with Harris today. Harris's cute outfit with his name monogrammed on the front was courtesy of newest cousin-in-law Holly E. nee' R. and Marcus. Thanks guys! We love it! (See #3 below- but he had this on before we were scheduled to see the doc!)

After many trips to our doctor's office, I've observed several things:
1. The pediatrician's office is a social hot spot. You'd better have on makeup because you are bound to run in to somebody. I saw 4 moms I know there today and I see about 2 on average per visit.

2. People on the "well" side of the doctor's office waiting room are pretty smug. I used to be among them until now- when I have been on the sick side more times than I can count. And that's where all the other moms are anyway, so the sick side is more fun.

3. People with their first child- usually for infant well check ups- have at least 2 parents with them and sometimes a grandparent. Again, I, too, used to be there. We would get so excited to see how much Owen weighed and how far off the chart he was (he has never been on the actual growth chart). Also, these parents have their children in adorable clothes... that they have to take off as soon as they get in the patient room, but they look really cute in the waiting room.

4. They have germ infested toys in the waiting area for germ infested children to play with. Who thought of this plan? No wonder I see tons of moms here! Our kids keep getting sick from each other!

Thank goodness for modern medicine and our doctors! What would we do without them?
Suffer 10 days with no medicine for a viral infection, I guess... :-)


Shelley said...

I feel your pain. Ella is on the same antibiotic with the same warning about the red poop. I must admit I still get excited to see how much they weigh. And about the co-pays. Ella went to the doc Wed, me Thurs and Nathan today. Yeah--$90 before prescriptions!

Melanie said...

Hello from Ukraine! Got your comment today and just wanted to thank you for praying for our family on our adoption journey. We truly cherish every prayer!! May God bless your family and your precious son!
Jason, Melanie, & Grant Hall

Laura said...

I always used to wonder about doctor office toys...and how they didn't seem like a good idea. But, I guess it keeps them in business!

Karen said...

I love that picture of Harris and Dr. Patz! We have a picture of Anna and Dr. Patz that I should publish on our blog. It was right before her 4m shots, so she's not happy. Isn't Dr. P the best?! We really like him and Anna loves him too! Your observations about the ped's office are hilarious... maybe we'll run into you there one day!!! :) LOVING your blog.

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