Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter week. Last weekend we went down to Dothan to see my parents, sister and grandmother and had a nice time. Here are some pictures of Owen egg hunting with my almost 6-year-old nephew Gavin.
And one with my grandmother. I think Harris is her 9th great-grandchild!

And my mom loves to put reading glasses on Harris.

Then this weekend, we had the whole Easter Egg-stravaganza. Easter outfits, eggs, baskets, knee socks, shoes... even a last minute Easter dress for me (8:30 pm Saturday night- Stein Mart... and I wasn't the only one there getting Easter clothes!). The only thing about the Easter craziness is that we sometimes forget to be thankful for the Easter Jesus! I tried really hard to focus on God and our many blessings in church, but without a church nursery on Easter Sunday, that makes it a little difficult. I was feeding Harris, grabbing Owen from his new best friends (the people beside us) and then, about half way through the service, realized that my new Easter dress was only zipped half way! I had a sweater on over it, thankfully, but I felt weird the rest of the service- like a funny breeze was on my back.

Thank goodness for Easter Monday- when moms can relax and come down from the sugar rush of Easter- in more ways than just the candy.


Emily said...

hiillll... your blog looks great! you did a beautiful job!! i've been tossing around the idea of starting one myself. maybe i'll get around to that real soon. i love all the pics. yall looked beautiful in your Easter threads! hope you have a great day. ~em

annieck said...

Ok, that was hilarious!!! Love your Easter experience! :) :)
You guys looked great! :)

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