Friday, March 21, 2008

A Very Good Friday

Today was a wonderful day. I had both kids at home today and (most of) the day off.

The weather was absolutely beautiful! Seventy-two degrees and sunny and not a cloud in the sky! We met friends at the Botanical Gardens this morning for a bird show and to see the Dinosaur exhibit. Owen sat through about 5 minutes of the bird show and we got to see 1 dino. But, we did have a really good time seeing friends. Connie met me there, thankfully to help corral Owen and hang out with Harris. I wouldn't have been able to do it without her!

Then this afternoon we all went to the park down the street to play since it was such perfect weather. Owen stole, uh, I mean, borrowed a kite AND a football from 2 different families (we're GOT to start bringing our own toys to the park) and had a grand ole time playing.

All this seems trite compared to the gravity of Good Friday. It's because we know of Easter Sunday, though, that we can rejoice in today. Thank you, Jesus! Amen!!


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