Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday Favorites: Early Egg Hunt

Last weekend while we were down in Dothan, my Grandmother Hart invited the boys over on Friday for an early Easter Egg Hunt since we weren't going to be there for Easter. Not that my mom casually rubbed that in mentioned that 42 or so times, either.
None of you get any sort of guilt trips like that, do you?

Despite the cold shoulder about Easter, the weather was warm and amazing and my grandmother's yard was starting to bloom.
March 10.3 076

She was so gracious (at 80-smoosh-covers mouth-smoosh) to go hide eggs in the yard for the boys and help the hunting begin.
March 10.3 062

They both took to it like fish to water- or more like kids to ice cream (at our house).
March 10.3 067

So they proceeded attack the eggs as quickly as they could (we didn't have baskets; that didn't stop us)
March 10.3 057

and then hide them again.
March 10.3 105

I loved spending time with my grandmother and watching her with my kiddos.
She enjoys children,
March 10.3 102

communicates and loves them with ease
March 10.3 079

and laughs easily. (Do you think she knows that candy that Henry is eating is from last Easter?)
March 10.3 099

What an amazing legacy of love and kindness- and my favorite thing this week.

What's your favorite this Friday?
Any favorite book, gift from your husband or appliance that worked without breaking?
Did you get to shower every day? (Not me!)
Or have you started a new Facebook game addiction?
Let me know in the comment section and/ or link your post from your blog below!

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Have a Fantastic Friday!


Anonymous said...

How amazingly wonderful that your children can spend time with their Great Grandma! And what a beautiful day for hunting eggs & noshing on finely aged chocolate.

Thank you for sharing, Hillary!

Jennifer said...

Great pictures that will make fun memories!

Elizabeth said...

So cute-I heart Wal-mart bags for Easter baskets! And sorry I messed up teh linky thing. Guess that makes me a linky-dink! It's late--I should be in bed:) Happy EAster!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Friday Favorites, Hillary! My Friday Favorite post is a recipe for Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies with DARK chocolate melted into the batter . . . To answer your question about a favorite gift from my husband? One of my favorites is the breadmaker he gave me years ago. I never had to learn how to use it. My husband had so much fun figuring out how it worked that he's been making the bread ever since. I tell him it's the gift that keeps on giving . . .

The Gunter Family said...

SO fun! I think Camp might enjoy an Easter egg hunt this year!! We have both sets of parents in town...more times than not, it's a blessing, but then comes holidays! Old traditions that some family members just don't want to give up! Ughhh....I usually keep my mouth shut, but now that Camp's here, I'm not so quiet! :) haha...
I'd love to see a baby bump pic!!!

Allison said...

Awww, it looks like everyone had an great time. Those roses are beautiful, and your grandma seems like an amazing woman.

Lori said...

Those pictures of your boys with your grandma are so sweet! The blooming flowers make me so happy - I love the changing of the seasons. Can't wait for my neighbor's magnolia tree to start bloomin'... :) Have a good weekend!

nicole said...

Beautiful pictures! What a blessing for your boys and your grandmother. I posted about my favorite online vendors today, but there are lots of things I'm loving this Friday. Like the sunshine, and the arrival of spring, and a good checkup at the doctor today, and yummy cantaloupe. :)

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

I love old ladies, they are so adorable. Kind of like a baby, you want to squish their cheeks. I love it too when they get all dolled up.

I think when you are a kid you don't care where the candy came from or how old it is as long as you can eat it and even the flavor is debatable when it's consumed fast enough (I wouldn't know anything about that though).

pendy said...

Those pictures of her with your kids are wonderful...and what a great memory all of you made that day.

Rebekah said...

Its wonderful that the boys have a Great Grandma! :) Nathaniel still has his and I do my best to make sure they get to spend time together.

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