Monday, March 15, 2010

Mad Libs Wannabe

Spring Break is a misnomer. I don't know who they think is getting a break around here, but it's not mama. {And if the teachers are mamas, then it's not them, either!} And who thinks it's spring? It was 48 degrees, cloudy and rainy here today, so we had a day of adventures inside or running errands.

Just what every little boy dreams of.

I did take pictures throughout the day hoping for a fun post topic. {Because sadly, when you write a blog, you are constantly thinking of how situations could weave their way into posts.} But, since I have now uploaded, edited and formatted pictures for you {after chasing children all day}, I'm POOPED!

Good gravy! Complain much?

So, here's the deal: I need you to write the story. Just like Mad Libs without the "Farting Hyenas" you wrote about when you were 12. Play along with me, will you, please? Just pick your favorite picture, or the next one in line and add your own caption in the comments section {click Comments- in orange- down below this post and this lovely box appears for you}.
Or, you can complete this sentence: "It was perfectly normal day, until _______".

March 10.2 006

March 10.2 017

March 10.2 020

March 10.2 040

March 10.2 050

March 10.2 052

March 10.2 068

March 10.2 073

March 10.2 111

March 10.2 119

March 10.2 194

Thank you for your help! And I can't wait to hear what you think of, you creative people, you.
And I might explain our day tomorrow- that is, if you don't come up with something better. I might take your version of the story- with or without hyenas.


LizzieV. said...

It was a completely normal day, until Ollie fed Henry some dog-biscuits for breakfast. Mama knew that it was finally time to get serious about this "Can I have a dog?" business. (Where did he get the dog biscuits from????)

But at the pet store, Ollie got distracted by the shiny parakeets. "Mama? Can I have a bird instead? Henry can have the dog." (No, you wanted a dog, we're getting a dog.)

Henry asked, "Mouse, Mama?" (Oooo, NO!-- shudder.)

Finally, a very sensible dog picked them, even letting itself into a locked car. (Little did the puppy know...)

"I'm paying how much for one dog & dog gear? That's almost as much as the hospital co-pay after each boy was born!!!! (Despite the random poo, maybe a bird isn't a half-bad idea...)," groans Mama.

Mission accomplished, the boys practice with a pretend leash. Mama decides it's best not to ask WHAT they're practicing.

Mama wonders if she couldn't have gotten the dog at a discount at Family Market, and not just the dog food. Better stock up now while it's still here and Mama's got tons of coupons!

Back at home, Ollie explains important house-rules to the dog, like, Thomas the Tank Engine comes before all else. The dog tries hard to be impressed. (Not.)

Ollie continues, "If I wave the hand with the Steamie, it means come; if I wave my hand with the Diesel, it means stay."

Henry thinks it's best to show the new doggie all the great place to hide where Mama & Daddy can't reach them.

Luckily for Ollie & Henry, Daddy CAN reach them & has no intention of letting Thomas & friends take over. (Luckily for Mama, he hasn't seen the new dog or what it cost!)

LizzieV. said...

I got carried away....sorry....

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

Lizzie I think that is exactly what happened!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a story. But, is that Bichon Frise I see? I have one and they are the best dogs.

Anonymous said...

i like lizzie's story. sounds pretty accurate. :)

my favorite picture is the check. excellent job on that!

LizzieV. said...

OK... Show of hands here:

How many folks want Hillary, now that she's read the first comment, to delete LizzieV's blog-hog comment in order to unleash everyone else's creativity.

Go on, I'm raising my hand first. Don't be shy. (I feel really bad that no one else has written any Mad-libs. The comments from all of Hil's BBF are the other reason I come here. Now I shall go type, "Thou shalt not be a Blog-hog" a gazillion times...)

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Lizzie V, you totally rocked this comment request! :)

I was just going to say, "It was a perfectly normal day until Hillary bought a pet store that was going out of business."

Not so creative, now that I think about it. :(

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