Monday, March 22, 2010

Why Mommies Can't Talk on the Phone

Tonight as we finished dinner, a lovely friend called to chat.
I was thinking how pleasant it was that my children were playing so well together. Quietly.

And "Quietly" should have been my clue.

Ollie came down to tell me he "was trying to clean up, but the bubbles were everywhere".

And just like the bubbles pop in the bath, so popped my illusion that my perfect children were quietly humming Mozart ditties to each other upstairs.

This isn't the first crime committed around here, you know. But together, this duo can demolish an area in a record time.

the crime scene
Really? The Bible AND a Library Book? Have you children no limits? No couth?

And just in case you thought the dogs were to blame for this bubble bath gone bad:
the pants
(I guess the real question is if you need more detergent for this load of laundry...)

So here are the criminals.
Those masterminds of destruction.
Plotting evil between each cartoon.
the perps
Don't let that banana sticker or the bare legs fool you.
They are constantly scheming their next attack.

Just waiting for the phone to ring.


Rachel said...

This was hilarious - love your evidence!

Someday you'll look back and laugh, right?

(I say this as I am still looking for my glasses that my son "hid", and throwing away the empty chapstick tube that he ATE, and cleaning up his soap decorating job from higher on the mirror than I can reach... should I be afraid??)

Melissa @ The Littlest Lobo said...

Oh Hillary,
Just think how much trouble you're going to be in when that baby girl arrives! Or should I say, how much trouble the boys are going to get into?! Much luck to you!

Donna said...

Hilarious as always Hill- love that your remembered to call it the HOLY Bible- yes, desecrating holy objects is just the beginning.... :) Gosh you've got precious little boys! Can't wait to see what Sissy looks like!

Cate O'Malley said...

Haha, too funny! It's amazing how quickly kids can get into something. Last week, my two-year-old found that permanent marker was the perfect thing to use all over her hands and forearms. The fun seriously never ends.

Jessica said...

Your perps are really cute...reminds me of my brother when he was little, except in his case it was a whole tube of toothpaste, squirted out on his little feet...boys can get into so much trouble! And soon they will have a little sister to blame it on!

Allison said...

They look so innocent, how could the have managed to create a mess like that? I think it was the dog.

At least they tried to clean it up. :-)

erinstwo said...

I love it! And I love what your mom did to your old room too (sorry I haven't commented on that yet!) Hope your day is calmer than yesterday. :-)

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

LOL, yes quiet should have been your first clue. Anytime there is quiet disaster will be found. And yes when your girl comes she will be the mastermind.

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Yeah, I'm with Rachel. The girl is going to up the ante because she "needs to be heard above the wrestling." Hang on, Hill. This is gonna be a bumpy ride!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Rachel and Charlie hit it head on...brace yourself for this little girl! She's going to be the RINGLEADER!! How fun!

When Teen Son#1 was really little, about 18 months old, he got into my purse and red lipstick while I was on the phone, and proceeded to paint himself and his infant brother. I TOTALLY freaked when I saw because at first glance it looked like blood. Then I about had a heart attack. Why? Because I was on the phone with my sister, getting directions to the studio where we were meeting to have pictures of all the grandkids made for Grandma!

We had to postpone the sitting for a week because red lipstick stains tender baby skin, and Grandma would not have appreciated a photo of her babies looking like they surrvived some sort of gang initiation.

How did you ever get the soap off of the books?

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Of course they have no couth! They're little boys! I mean, really, do you even know that many GROWN boys with couth? ;)

Suz said...

Ha! MB just screams and cries like I'm killing her until I am shamed off of the phone. I guess this is easier than the bubblebath-tastrophe, though. No clean up!

Cathy Kittinger said...

ah Hillary - you should be writing CSI curriculum!

Rebekah said...

Cracking up over here! :) Too funny, the little rascals.

Rebekah said...

Cracking up over here! :) Too funny, the little rascals.

LizzieV. said...

Hmmm... very familiar episode....

MLB, maybe 2-ish. Me, on the phone while loading the dishwasher, and very glad that the boy had stopped hollering in the next room by the back door. I look up in time to see him decide to fill a frisbee with bubble-stuff, just like we do outside. Except 2-year-olds do not handle 1/2 gallon containers very well. And the frisbee was on my vintage rug. Come to think of it, there might have been a book near-by, maybe his Children's Bible (since The Bible has all sorts of numbers in it.) But I don't remember that part, 'cause all I saw was this big, gooey puddle happening in slo-mo & me screaming "NO!!!!!" like he's about to die or something. (He might have come close; I think I just left the room & let his dad deal with him. The stain never did come out of the rug.)

And now DLG is walking (running) & discovering she can reach the tops of some tables & counters. Oh, yes-- younger girls... my kids will be orphans, 'cause I'll die from a fit of apoplexy.

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