Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friday Favorites:: My Old Room

Do you remember what your room from high school looked like?

Mine had twin beds, white walls and Anne Geddes prints all around. There was a megaphone in the corner, prom pictures of all my friends proudly displayed and silly notes from class sealed away in a box on my dresser- not to be touched by my sister.

I have no idea what my comforter looked like or if there were curtains at all. {I'm sure there were, but obviously those weren't important to me then.}

This week we have been visiting with my parents and mom told me she "updated my room", but I didn't realize she had HGTV updated it! Take a look at the Vern Yip-ped, NEW version of my old room:

March 10 016
The comforter is a matelasse and it's super soft {I think she said she got it at Ross or TJ Maxx- you know- someplace you'd never be able to find it again}. The bed skirt and curtains are made of a dupioni silk she found at Hancock's and had someone make for her.

Mom's love of pillows has long been a joke in our family. Don't get me wrong, I love a nicely made bed with several pillows, but my mom has been known to have 17 or so on a bed. She's like the Imelda Marcos of accent pillows.  This bed only has a measley 10, but I think it's perfect.

I can't say enough good thinks about a well-hung curtain. Hang 'em high, girls! It makes such a big difference in a room. Look how tall these make the room appear!

All this wicker accent furniture came from Other Mama's house and it works well in here. There is talk of painting it, but I think it looks nice, as is. And this little sitting area is divine! Love the seat accent fabric. {I didn't leave out the "I" in that last sentence; that was an order.}

sitting area

Here's the other view and my failed attempt of cleaning up the room before I took pictures. I'm pretty sure the painting will be actually hung on the wall, but they haven't gotten there, yet. And she says she's still looking for the right picture/ painting/ whatever to go above the bed. I told her as long as it wasn't a sharp, rusty knife display that could possibly fall, she could do no wrong in my book.  painting

And I can't leave out my favorite little addition to the room. This is mom's baby shoe- bronzed {she didn't have to wear it like this}. But she did wear the heck out of it, didn't she? I wonder if they ripped it at the shoe place for effect. My poor children won't quite get the same effect with a velcroed tennis shoe or a croc.
March 10 021

This was easily my favorite thing this Friday {other than visiting my family, of course- this public service announcement added for political correctness}. I think we've come a long way from dead corsages and pom poms, baby.

How about you? What's been your favorite this week?

I'm trying a new picture linky this week. Your link to your post will still be there, but you get to pick a picture from your post or blog {you will be directed; it's super easy} to show a little bit more of your link. Emily and Jen had this on their blogs and I was so excited about it! I hope you are, too!

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Let me know your thoughts on the image linky. Happy Friday!


Janna said...

"Hang 'em high" cracking me up Hilary!

Your mom did a great job! I love Ross!

dawn said...

I hope to join in on the favorites, but for now, I wanted you to know there is a little award on my blog for you today. :)

Dawn said...

that bed is beautiful. and i am showing it to my husband so he can be thankful that we ony have four three accent pillows! he doesn't particularly care for them :) enjoy the weekend... and your cousin's shower!

Dawn said...
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Jen @ Little Bit This n That said...

Wow, that is gorgeous! My old room had bright green (like crazy bright green) shagalicious carpet in it when we moved in. My mom took pity on me and re-carpeted the room after a few years. I got a nice light blue, whew. I put a floral wallpaper border up that I still love to this day. And, that's saying something because I loathe wallpaper. Personally I still had pictures up from Tean Beat (Kirk Cameron, Chad Allen, and probably both Coreys), my New Kids on the Block tapes, and my Debbie Gibson Electric Youth perfume laying around. Thanks for the walk down memory lane, I hadn't thought of that in a while!

Ivy said...

My mom is about 2 weeks away from putting the house the we grew up in on the market. Im sad...but ready for the fun we will have decorating a new house. I just hope she remembers to take the Tim McGraw posters of the ceiling, directly above my bed...ha!

Rebekah said...

The room looks wonderful! Green and brown are my new obsession. I love the brown/pink combo. but I do not have a girl and I am not a girly person. Your mom did a great job.
You had me laughing about the bronzed shoe, Nathaniel's first set of Elmo Shoes would definitley not look as classic as your mom's shoe or my mom's shoes which my Grandma had bronzed.

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

Your Mom did an amazing redo. I want that room now! I am obsessed with plaid and those curtains and bed skirt are right up my ally.

My room growing up was bright coral (what was my father thinking when he let me pick that color at 12) and it was still that color when he moved out of that house when I was 18. I was also oddly into Mickey Mouse so I had a red MM comforter on my bed. I had no style when I was younger. Good thing I've got a little now or who knows what my house would look like.

Holly said...

Hill - That dupioni silk is the same pattern that my mom made some tablecloths out of for the guest book and jelly bean tables at my reception!! and purses for my bridesmaids! Love it!

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

I remember the first time I went home and my room wasn't "my room" anymore. Kind of a shock to the system. :)

Allison said...

I love your comforter and bed skirt. That looks like something I would have in my room. Thinking I need to do a little shopping.

Love the new photo linky!

nicole said...

Would your mom like to come redecorate my master bedroom? I love this room! Gorgeous and cozy and everything.

Elizabeth said...

Wow-I have absolutely no skill for decorating,so the rusty knife prob. would have been fine by me:) You really loved those megaphones, huh?:)
Sorry I didn't link up, I will next week. Since I use Live Writer, if I go back and change it, it reposts to my {like 10} subscribers, but if I change it in
Blogger, all my cute fonts/spacing goes wackadoo. Not that any of that made sense:)

Melissa @ The Littlest Lobo said...

Great redo! I'm going to do my best to get a post linked up today! Life has been crazy over here!

Holly said...

Love your mom's room makeover! At least she waited a few years. My old room was redecorated before we got back from our honeymoon! Seriously! We stopped by my parents' to pick up the gifts people left at the wedding for us, and my mom says, "Hey, come see what I've done with your old room!" I cried. Then she put boxes and boxes of my old crap in the trunk of my car. Nice.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Oooooh, pretty! The new room is gorgeous! Good job, Mom. :)

Donna said...

LOVE IT! Love the colors- love the curtains! Thanks for sharing!

Jamie said...

As soon as I moved away, my mom transformed my room into the "computer room". We never had a computer when I was there...thanks mom. Gorgeous bed.

Beverlydru said...

Dothan is just up the road from me. I think your Mom and I are already friends - we just haven't met yet. : )

Anonymous said...

Oh! I had several rooms growing up, since we were Military Brats. I had that white and gold canopy bed from Sears? Montgomery Wards? and this wonderful bed spread that was all ruffles on the drops, like a flamenco dancer's skirt. The bottom ruffle was dark pink, the top of the bedspread was light pink, and the other three ruffles in between were various shades of pink! My mom bought extra sheets and made pink curtains to tie back at the canopy posts. I just loved that bed - it made me feel like a princess.

Does anyone still make canopy beds?

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