Thursday, March 25, 2010

What's Going On

What's going on?
What's going on?What's going on?
I woke up with that in my head. You're welcome.
Here are several other things that are swirling through my pea brain today:

* Y'all!
Friday Favorites will be tomorrow, so don't forget to link up later on tonight or tomorrow!

* I received my new copy of the Stuff Christians Like book yesterday (pre-ordered about 6 months ago) and was in stitches for the majority of the night. If you do not read Jon's blog, you are completely missing out. I love satire (shocked?) and his writing style is hysterical.
My favorite part of the book last night outlined when you should pray before meals (not before anything with nougat center or at Christian fast food places- e.g. Chic-fil-A, but yes before Taco Bell- because a bean or guacamole gun needs prayer). If you have been in a church 30 minutes or 30 years and you have a sense of humor- you will love this book. (And I don't get any sort of money from those links; that's just my unpaid opinion.)

I am so appreciative of people who are GREAT at what they do and are Christians, too. I'm not a big fan of listening to most Christian radio or reading Christian books because they're "Christian"- a lot of the time it's lame-o. I like good music, comedy or writing- period. Some of my favorites who are amazing at weaving their Christianity into their excellent work are: Zac Levi (actor- my love outlined in this earlier post), Rick and Bubba (a radio show), Toby Mac (a singer/ white rapper-ish without any relation to Vanilla Ice), Go Fish (kids music) and the afore mentioned Jon Acuff (writer/ blogger/ satirist).

Let me know your favorites! I'd love to add to my list!

* I am not sleeping.
I'ts not like I've given it up for Lent. I just have so much running through my brain it won't shut down at night. That and this little baby girl does Baby Taebo throughout the night.
I did not approve of Billy Blanks anywhere near my uterus, so I don't know how this has happened.

*  Spring Market is this weekend!
This is the event where I got to meet Vern Yip last year and do some serious shopping. This year, I'm working on the committee and am so ready for it to be OVER am loving every second of this wonderful, community service.
Seriously, it is great. But if you have ever been involved in a fundraiser/ big event like this, you know that the behind-the-scenes people are about to fall over once the event finally arrives. They're just smiling at you because they are crazy.

And I might have had my picture in the paper advertising the event. And/ or I could have been hiding my big 'ole baby belly in the paper. I'll let you be the judge.
Spring Market/newspaper
There's nothing a huge sign can't handle. Right?

* My mom got me hooked on Pathwords when I was in Dothan last week.
This is a Facebook game that's like a word search and it's more addictive than girl scout cookies. Seriously, I think in Pathwords, now. I have never played any Facebook games before (you know I'm anti-Farmville), so this tells you how addicting it is. My good friend Jessie has 1680 points or something as her high score. I'm thinking about de-friending her on Facebook because I can't live up to that score in my face every day. She IS a book editor, though, so the girl knows her words. (And I am very Southern/ anti-confrontational and couldn't actually de-friend anyone unless they talked bad about Paula Deen or some other similar crime.)

My high score is 780 and I got REALLY lucky one game.
The worst part about this game is that each round is 5 minutes. So, if you get sucked in to 3 or 4 rounds (because I can't end with a 260!), then you've wasted a huge, heaping amount of time. But somehow I still love it!
Do you play any Facebook games?

Off to start my day!
And hopefully have a little Marvin rolling though my head most of the day.
Ooooh HOOOOOH! What's going on...


Karen said...

I read Jon's blog... and would like to read the book one of these days. Also keep up with Jesus Needs New PR blog; he can be pretty funny, but some days the humor crosses the line for me.

I play on Facebook WAY too much; I used to play Pathwords a lot, but haven't in a while. My high score (had to go look) is 1410.

Headed to Casting Crowns concert at VBC tonight!! I got lucky this month... won 2 tickets on FB from WAY-FM 2 weeks ago, then yesterday won a pair of tickets and 2 meet-and-greet tickets from Mark Hall on Twitter. Am sharing the unused tickets with a friend who could really use a night of worship.

VanderbiltWife said...

My score on Pathwords is pathetic compared to my sister's. We haven't played in a while, though. Does that mean I should "challenge" you so I have someone I can beat? ;)

I'm much better at Scramble. Heh.

Michelle said...

Oooooh Pathwords & Word Twist are my downfalls. But that's all. Really. Ok, and Scrabble.

Stephanie B said...

I saw your pic in the paper but didn't send you a "hey Hillary I saw you in the paper today!!" message because I figured EVERYONE would be sending you that message and in your current pregnant state... well, ok, I'll confess that I may have been afraid of instigating a blog rant about well-meaning folks spamming your e-mailbox and keeping you from receiving those really important coupon update messages. And while we're confessing (ok, so it's just ME confessing)--- when I saw your pic in the paper I chuckled and immediately thought, "Good for her getting BEHIND the big ol' sign!" Not that I think you need to because you look FABULOUS and all aglow. But I did wonder if you'd quickly volunteered to stand where you did. ;-)

And here's to hoping little baby takes a break from the TaeBo tonight so you can get some sleep!

Rebecca Setzer Schroeder said...

OHHHH Hilary so it ain't so....Are you really a Junior Leaguer?????? OHHHH NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

The HoneaBees said...

I too saw the pic in the paper and thought, look at her hiding her baby belly behind that sign! HAHA
I guess your only other option would have been to stand sideways and cup the bottom of your belly to show that you really are pregnant and not just overdoing it on the Cadbury Creme Eggs.
The joys of pregnancy.

Jamie said...

I don't do Facebook games but I'm a fan of Word Bubbles on the Brain Trainer on Yahoo. How many words can you spell that start with "isl"?

Rebekah said...

I play Bejeweled when I'm in the mood but I am addicted to My Cafe'.

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Young, Sexy, and Cookin'?

Only in Alabama!!! ;)

nicole said...

I play Scrabble on FB. Well, only with one friend so far, but I love it. I'm such a geek.

Check out Delirious if you haven't already. They are no longer recording as a band (makes me so sad) but their music is so great. They started out recording praise and worship, but moved on to more searching/deeper songs. Miracle Maker, Obsession, Paint The Town Red are some of my favorite songs.

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