Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monogramming Fun

It's a Monogramming Monday and a Top Ten Tuesday all rolled into one; just think of it as a combo meal- supersized. You know I'm starting this monogramming business (site planned to launch May1) and things around here have been a bit crazier than usual. Seeing as how I still have another job, 2.75 children and one whole husband, something has got to give and it might be the blawg this week. But I still love you! Really I do! I'm trying to do it all, but failing miserably.

Can I make it up to you by showing you some of the fun designs and monograms I've done this week?
I hoped you might like that.

In no order whatsoever, here are my Top 10 Favorite Monogramming jobs this week:

1. Placemats for my friend Dana who I promised would not have her hands in the picture.
Harrington Font on khaki placemats

2. Cutest little tutu outfit you've ever seen.
pink frilly outfit with tutu

This design originally had a flower in the center of the tutu, but the friend/ customer (HOLY COW! I HAVE THOSE!!) requested that I put her daughter's initial instead and I love it!
tutu on pink frilly shirt

3. Alright. Hold your horses, Alabama people.
Yes- I found a vendor tonight and will have these in stock ASAP.
No- I don't LOVE doing them, but I can manage. :)
Houndstooth basket

4. These next 2 shirts were for a sweet friend (and blog reader- special perks, you see?) who needed a little fun cross
Cross on frilly shirt

and a little something girly for navy and I think this turned out just right!
Marie frame

5. This mom and friend is hysterical because the following was our conversation:

Her: I like it big.
I like it to pop.
I like it girly.
I want her name on it.

Me: What about font or color or size or applique or fabric or.....?

Her: Whatever you want that fits into the above categories.

How much fun is that? So I came up with this circle lollipop (that is supposed to have a ribbon bow on top of the lollipop stick and below the sucker portion that I couldn't get in time but WILL get) for all of the above!
And she loved it!

6. I love this pillow sham.
I love the little Wilson-esque model behind it more, but the sham sure did make me happy.
Mark font on pillow sham

7. We took this as a birthday present to a swimming party yesterday.
It's a swim coverup. Get it?
Themes are A#1 in my book.
Amber font on swim cover up

8. These bloomers are for Ollie's girlfriend. I sent them home with her via backpacks before I monogrammed it to make sure it was the right size.
Her mom and I got so tickled at the "scandal" of  her "leaving her bloomers at our house"!
Oh my. I think we'll leave that joke for college.
Empire monogram on bloomers

9. The same friend from the Nate sham above requested 5 onesies for her niece-to-be. She wanted her name and initials on several, but gave me free license for a couple of them.
I loved this little birdie so much that I made two! I'm sure you'll never guess who the second one is for.
Sweet Tweet

Her niece's name will be Eloise, but they are going to call her Lou. How cute is that?
So I made "Lou" as girly as it deserves to be!
Lullaby frame

10. Last but not least, a couple of tote bags. My friend called and mentioned that she loved this bag at Tar-jhay. So I picked it up for her and gave it a fun twist! (H is for her last name; I promise it's not for me, but I would love it!)
black diagonal tote

And this giraffe tote is for my mother-in-law. Talk about pressure! She said, "just something fun and cute". I hope this hits the mark.
Giraffe tote

So you can see I've been a little busy bee this week. And hoping to stay that busy!

What do you think I should add to the store?
Anything that you can think of that I haven't shown or mentioned already? (I DO have a lot more things, but I'd love your ideas.)
Do you have a favorite item this week?

Thanks so much for your input and patience with me as I make this addition to our lives. Not the baby; I've forgotten about that poor 3rd child- the business, of course. 

This post is linked to my friend Amanda's Top Ten Tuesday at OhAmanda.


melissa said...

They are all wonderful! I love how different they all are, you are doing a great job. Remember to keep it fun.

Erin said...

AAACK!! Hillary, you are going to make me spend so much money!! Did your friend provide those gorgeous placemats, or did you? And that houndstooth tote?!?! too cute!

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

Umm...ding, ding, ding. That houndstooth tote is PERFECT for my sister's birthday in May. I'll email you so don't panic yet cause I won't need it til late June, as I'm gonna take it to her when we go to Dtown. Woo dawgy!!

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

Oh and I pretty much like everything else, gorgous dahling!!

Holley McWilliams hmwill6@hotmail.com said...

I want that cute outfit with the tutu! I LOVE all of those precious things! I am a HUGE etsy.com fan b/c I love for Mary Austin to have unique/monogrammed clothes! I will definitely be ordering from you! Get that site up already Hil!!!!

Allison said...

I'm SO impressed by all of your products. I love the little birdie. Now I just need an excuse to buy something from you.

oh amanda said...

How adorable! I love them ALL! And the LOU from Elouise? So cute. We call Lydia, Lydia Lou which of course turns to Lou and Lou Lou. And oh, I think she needs a Lou shirt.


Elizabeth said...

Love the bird, lollipop and tutu. Can you tell I have 3 girls? I think holiday attire would be a big draw {like hearts, pumpkins}. Take a deep breathe-you are doing a fabulous job!

Staci said...

Oh Hillary! This stuff is "too cha-cha for words"! (Name that movie!!)

I've got some preggo friends so I need to remember you and your cute things!

Jen @ Little Bit This n That said...

I LOVE this stuff!! Get your store up and running already, woman! [Because I linked to you and your little venture in my post today, and you know all of my 3 readers are going to be knocking down your door. Any minute now.]

LizzieV. said...

I LOVE!!!! that little boy pillow sham. As soon as we have the boy in his new & improved room this summer (so the girl can move out of ours) I will be wanting that!

Hounds-tooth purse-- not so much. (So what will you have for us right-minded Auburn fans?)

And the comment about holiday stuff makes me think of the too-cute dress my aunt sent our girl for Halloween; I'll carry it with me when I pick up my shirt, just in case it can give you any ideas.

Thanks for sharing (11 days until May 1 & counting....)

Amber @ Because Babies Grow Up said...

You are fantastic! I love your creativity and talent. I'm new here and joining from Top Ten Tuesday. But I'm sure to revisit and see how you transition to a new business and a new baby. Good luck!!

Sonia Parker said...

I love everything! I want a cross shirt in my size....post pregnancy of course! ;) Is that something you can do on any shirt? ~S

Mandi @ It'scome2this said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!!! Girl you got going fast once you got that fancy machine!! Can't wait for your store to open, I know who I'll be buying from:)

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

Um...okay, so I cannot wait for my onesies to arrive. Jude will happily model them on my blog and I bet you'll get TONS of business. =)
If not, I'll keep you in business all by myself! So, your website coming out will have prices and everything? I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

annieck said...

Hil, you AMAZE me!!! You are so talented. Is there anything you can't do?! Love it all!

Tami said...

Beautiful work Hillary! I can't wait to see what you ahve on the blog. I really want to get some things for my daughter's wedding present. I'm thinking dish or bath towels. Probably dish towels...since I'm all about the food :)

Tara said...

Cute, cute, cute! You've got some great fabrics and great fonts! I have several of the applique patterns you've used on this post so I have to say you have excellent taste!

Lori said...

You're awesome! I love the little chicky bird. I'm going to be on the lookout the perfect sham and see if I can join the blogger friend/customer group. :)

The Diaper Diaries said...

When is said store coming to fruition? Because I would like one of everything please and thank you.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Of course I love them all, but my favorite is definitely the bird on the onesie. Cute!!

Crazy with 4!!! said...

Ok...you are my new monogram queen!!!

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