Monday, October 12, 2009

Create a Caption

I'm certain you are the smartest and best looking readers around. And I think you are the funniest, too!
So, what would you caption this picture from the vault {1 year ago}?

Oct 08 008

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mary bailey said...

"They won't stop grinning at me!!!"

Kelly Bolerjack said...

"Look mommy, I can be a pumpkin, too!"

Sam said...

"Tough Times: The happiest face in the photo is A jack-o-lantern"

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

Aaa, I sat on a candle!!

Stephanie B said...

"You were supposed to give him *this* face, Mom!"

{ L } said...

When will he learn to be a big boy like me?...he's driving me crazy!

Fun post btw!

Scott & Liz said...

" I don't look like THAT!"


pendy said...

Henry, don't poop now! Mama's trying to take our picture with the punkin!

Tami said...

Ollie, help a brother out. There's an orange guy with fire in his head behind me and he's freaking me out!

Holly Powers said...

I knew I would get blamed if the pumpkin pooted and I didn't do it!!!

Anonymous said...

"Mommy, Ollie is laughing at me because the jack-o-lantern has more teeth than I do!!!"

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