Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Henry!

Call me crazy, {this is where you yell, "CRAZY" to the computer}, but I have no idea what Henry's due date was. Do you know how most moms can say, "Well, your due date was the 20th, but you didn't get here until the 43rd" or something like that? Somewhere in the depths of my brain with the Dewey decimal system, that original date has been lost. And I feel a little bit less mother-ish.

What I do remember is that Henry was born today two years ago! He entered this world through scheduled C-section {not my original plan, but I had a few complications that mandated that} and that was so weird! We showed up at the hospital and said, "We're here to have a baby, please. Would you mind cutting this thing out of me this morning?"
It really felt odd that the whole staff said, "okay".

I was a little nervous at the major surgery and got a bit chatty in pre-op and I remember Jason laughing and telling the nurse that I am a bit talkative when I'm anxious. This was before any anesthesia, people and my poor hubs was making excuses for me. Thankfully the anesthesia portion came soon.

Besides the whole major surgery, cutting me open portion, everything went really smoothly. {I don't want people to think C-sections are easy- they are hard, too- but in a different way. A way that doesn't include sweating, pushing or labor, but the recovery is not a breeze.}

Henry kicked the ENTIRE time in my belly and that should have given us an idea about our little man. He has been on the go ever since! He's actually been two in his mind/ actions for a while now and has garnered the nickname "Captain Destructo" for his amazing super power to get anywhere he needs to be instantly and destroy whatever is in his path. But he makes up for it with cuteness.

The whole family adores this little brother. He is at the stage where everything he does is cute. Pulling the dog's tale? Cute. Coloring on the table? Tolerable and cute. Saying "I wub ooo, Mommy" after he tears apart the vacuum cleaner? Acceptable. And cute, danggit.

As much as I try not to compare my children, Henry is only himself because of what makes up his world and Ollie is a big part of that. He loves his brother- absolutely follows, mimics and wants to do everything Ollie is doing. Oh, how I pray that his big brother is a good leader.

Here's to a happy 2nd birthday and to a wonderful 3rd year, Henry!
May you continue to grow and learn more and more about this big world. You are so smart- scary smart- and I know you are learning so quickly; we're just trying to keep up.
We're enamored with you and so happy you are part of our family. Can we bottle your energy and enthusiasm? You are just a joy to be around and everyone you meet knows the same thing. You are constantly moving, always talking, always wanting to play. You are the life of the party.

And we are so glad you're here.

We love you, big guy! Happy Birthday!

H on the go


The Gunter Family said...

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!

Lydia said...

Happy Birthday, Little Man! Hope it's a great one!!

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to Henry! I didn't realize he and my Luke are so close in age. Luke turns 2 on Nov. 29.

VanderbiltWife said...

He's SUCH a cutie! Have you considered an arranged marriage with a younger woman? (She'll be 1 on the 27th. And my due date was the 26th. I doubt I'll ever forget that, because I was SURE I was going to have a due date baby because I labored all day on the 26th. No such luck.)

Brandi said...

Happy Birthday to your little Henry! He's such a cutie patootie!

Sabrina said...

Happy Birthday Henry!! I knew that Henry and Maggie were very close in age....but did I know that they actually shared a birthday? Maggie also turned two yesterday!

amykat said...

I love the name Henry, Hillary! Love it. And he's a cutie! So much fun, I'm sure.
Wishing you a happy birthday, Captain Destructo! :)

Jenn McPherson said...

Happy Birthday!! If it helps, I can't remember Reese's due date either. The whole 7.7.7 was just too easy to have to remember another date!

Jamie said...

What a sweet post for a super-cute little guy! I'm laughing because I too get to be a tad too chatty when the old nerves kick in. My hubby has wonderful stories of what all I divulged in the delivery room once I was high on the good drugs, I mean life! HA!

Mimi said...

You are a champ with that c-section sister! hahaha! I'm with you on the "feeling less mother-ish"! I never could remember the original due date! sheesh! Your site is beautiful Hillary- LOVE the colors!

Jenny said...

Sweetness! Happy Birthday, H!!!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

As they wheeled me into surgery for my c-section, I couldn't feel my legs. And I said, "Why doesn't everyone do it this way?"

Believe me, the answer became clear later.

Happy birthday, Henry!!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday to my little stealth nephew! That little boy can disappear right before your eyes!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little boy!

It is sweet and scary how much your kids look like you!!

Diana said...

Cute picture!

I had two c-section babies. One a week after his due date after unsuccessful pushing. One on scheduled on her due date. I would recommend the second arrangement. Pushing followed by surgery is even more not fun that just one or the other!

pendy said...

He is so cute...just want to squeeze him. I can see why he gets away with his antics!

Susannah said...

Happy Birthday Henry!! Such a big boy! And the I wub oooo mommy...just melts my heart too! :)

Dawn said...

finally catching up....

hope your birthday celebrations were full of fun! sounds like this little man of yours makes his own fun :)

i cannot remember when my daughter's due date was either. the dr. did change it a couple of times... but i can't even recall one! all i know is that she ws early :) as fo my son's due date? that was an easy one to remember. it was my daughter's birthday! but he has always been considerate- since before he was born, and decided to also come early. not on his sister's b-day. and just before before the new year, so we coiuld get the tax break!

Donna said...

I love that little punkin boy- and he reminds me of Juliabug, whom we call "destructo".

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