Sunday, October 11, 2009

Henry's Birthday "Party" and Announcement!

Lest you think I would go and throw a huge birthday party for my four year old and then not do the same thing for my second son, I'll have you know we did have a party. But, you should also know that this is not a communist house-ocracy and things aren't always equal. And they won't always have to be. I think that's a pretty good lesson for life and high school.

So, since Henry turned 2 and doesn't quite realize the intent behind a party {other than the fact that he intended on eating some cake}, we had a family party at the beach then a special day on his birthday.

We measured his height on the back of our door {do you do that? You should! Just be sure to take the door when you move...} and he has grown 5 1/2 inches this year!

Then we met Jason for an after lunch treat at GiGi's Cupcakes. They are based out of Nashville, but just opened up a store here and are slap-your-mama good.
The cupcakes look like this
Oct 09 081
And the happy boys look like this.
Oct 09 073
Then we took off to the park to take some crackers to our favorite ducks and fish. Oct 09 121
Henry noted that the animals were looking a little "well- fed" and decided to eat all the crackers himself.
Oct 09 107
Only one duck snubbed him for this decision.
Oct 09 111

I loved this picture so much in my head. I wanted them both to look at me and smile with postcard- worthy, angelic charm. I even tried to get Ollie to put him arm around his brother.
Oct 09 114
It was only when I saw one headed for the water that I realized I was the mommy and not the photographer.
Oct 09 120
So I put down the camera to rescue one child from the lake. {He did not make it in, but that was the last shot before he was about 2 inches from learning to swim the hard way.}

All in a day's work.

One the way back to the car, when we were all worn out and had eaten thrown all our crackers, Henry decided there is only one thing more fun than chasing ducks.
Oct 09 135
And that is chasing ducks with your brother.
Oct 09 151

** No ducks were harmed in the making of this blog post {or birthday outing for that matter}, so please save your duck love e-mail. Thank you.**

* * * * * * *
On to the announcement!
This Wednesday, I'll be hosting a "Crazy Things" Link Party/ Blog Hop. Do you have crazy things in your car? Crazy things your kids say? Top 5 craziest outfits you've ever worn? Craziest lunch you've ever consumed in a pinch? Any crazy or fun thing goes!
Just write a post about it and link up here!

At She Speaks, I met some wonderful women in my speaker evalution group and we have stayed connected through e-mails. And we recently put 2 and 2 together that most of us blogged. So, we want to way to introduce our friends to our other friends. Won't you be friendly and play along? I feel like I'm in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood...

This Wednesday the 14th {late Tuesday night the 13th} be here to MckLinky up to some crazy fun! I'm excited!!


The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Those cupcakes are looking way to evil for the likes of me. Thank heavens you haven't asked me to come down for a visit. I'd never survive the sugar coma. :)
Will you remind me on FB about the 5 things? That sounds like fun but I will never remember. Cause I am still Biggest Losering myself to bust this plateau, and the only 5 things I can remember are my 3 advil and 1 aleve.

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Uh, make that 2 aleve. It makes no sense if there was only one!!! lol

Dawn said...

gosh, don't ya hate when a bakery is skimpy with the frosting :)

looks like your birthday outing was fantastic (& dry!) i love to feed the ducks, and would even consider that fun at 38! i laughed about your fairness comment! my mom alwyas said that while it might not be fair right this second, it will all even out in the end! and then a girl in our youth group taught me her mom's saying: life is not fair. a fair is that place you go and they have that big ferris wheel. makes me laugh everytime!

maybe i'll see you wednesday with some crazy!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

that looks like a fun day and daggone- those cupcakes look like heaven!

amykat said...

I want one of those cupcakes! I got a sugar rush just looking at them!
I can't wait for our crazy posts....although I have to figure out which crazy thing in my life I'll blog about!

Brandi said...

Those cupcakes look A-mazing!!! Looks like your little guy had a great birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

I love how laid-back and relaxed you were for your little one's party! Sweet day for him and some sweet pics. Nice save before he tumbled into the water.

Becca - Our Crazy Boys said...

I am SO jealous of your cupcake store! It's probably for the best, though, because I would be there every day for lunch.

I love the pictures of the boys by the water... Not looking at you, but definitely postcard-worthy! And great save with the little guy... we have had a few of those "put down the camera and save your kid" moments here, too!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Well, you may be the mama and not the photographer, but I do believe your picture-takin' class is working out for you. Those photos are great!

And the birthday boy is adorable, of course!

The Gunter Family said...

OMG I just spent an hour on Gigi's website with my mouth watering!! Next time you're in my neck of the woods, would you PLEASE bring be a dozen? :) Mmmmmmm!!! Those cupcakes look amazing!

Lori said...

I'm salavating over those cupcakes! I'm sick and my sugar Nazi husband won't let me have sugar - boo! I'll enjoy vicariously... :) Have a great day!

Melanie said...

Hillary - your children are beautiful! I've been enjoying looking at them on your blog - and great photography - mel

Muthering Heights said...

What a fun birthday!!!

I'll look around to see if I have anything appropriately crazy! ;)

Elizabeth said...

Did you just say "slap your mama good"? Oh, man, I miss the south. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm new to yours, but am excited to read it. We also love laid back bday parties and my daughter's 5th was at a park and involved feeding ducks and no swimming:)
I'm also glad that I didn't know you in HS. Can you seriously burn TP off trees w/o harming the trees. Come now, surely you jest...:)

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