Tuesday, October 13, 2009

That's Just Crazy Talk :: A Crazy Carnival

While leaving for my daily trip to Tar-jay the other day, I came across this lovely pick up truck.

Post it love

It was at the home of our neighbors down the street who have 2 children in high school and 1 in college. For the past 2 1/2 years that we have lived here, they have continuously had some sort of various prank being played or shoe polished snarkiness written on cars at their house.

And I love it. It takes me back to high school: a time when attention spans and cheerleader skirts were at their shortest and sarcasticity {fine, I made that word up} reigned supreme.
Was your high school like this?

I graduated with 31 of the most creative and wittiest people I know. That's right- 31 {including 2 foreign exchange students and one first cousin}. While we were close in our friendships {we really didn't have a choice}, we were FIERCE with practical jokes.

Here is a sampling {that I'm willing to admit to} of CRAZY pranks we played in high school:
* A note for younger readers and possibly members of the senior high youth group I lead: This is where I step in and say, "Please do as I say, NOT as I did in High School". I wouldn't recommend any of these things to get you points on your resume or into any college. And they might actually get you into trouble. So just enjoy my story and Don't Try This at Home.

Area #1: Your car
As soon as you were able to drive and had a car, said car became the object of torture. Of course there is the basic shoe polish, but we always took it a step further.
* Hubcaps were randomly "borrowed". A good friend of mine never had 4 at the same time.
* I have known of sardines being put under the back seat of a car.
* And I have helped a friend remove an ENTIRE dead Christmas tree from the back seat of her car. {This is why they invented power windows. Those roll down ones were too easy to prank.}
* My favorite, though, is the airbrushed tag placed on the front where the driver didn't notice. Something like "I love my boy/ girlfriend" or "Destin '95" were always favorites.

Area #2: Your house
I am a little embarrassed to admit this here on the world wide interweb, but I might have possibly been a part of some late night home invasion hijinks.
* Your basic house TP* Rolling {I have found out from neighbors shown above that to clean this, you actually can light the TP on fire and it burns it away and not the trees. And it's SO cool to watch.}
* A possible house fork-ing or two {where you stab forks into the recipients yard}.
* And the best ever: tuna spread in front yard. Every cat in the neighborhood is in the yard in the morning.

* You know this means toilet paper, right? I just try not to write "toilet" unless it's absolutely necessary.

Area #3: Your Locker
If you have not mentally blocked out this time period of your life and recall high school, you know that your locker was like your little home away from home. You primped there with your magnetic mirror, put on your scented lip gloss and went about your merry way. But every now and again, you found a little surprise waiting for you.
* My locker was covered in streamers or filled with trash MANY days.
* Many locks were given new homes on different lockers if you happened to leave yours unlocked.
* There might have been the occasional Coke strategically placed on top of your locker set to splatter at your feet when the locker was opened.
* And the best of all time: {a combo of Area 1 and 3}- Someone's car unexpectedly arrived in the locker room. The whole car. Inside the locker room.
It might possibly have gone down in history. Not that I know anything about it.

Please know all these things were done between friends back and forth to each other in high school. We didn't have hateful intentions; it was all in good fun.

So, here's to the post-it note bandits down the street. Thanks for carrying on the legacy of inventive pranks. I trust that your creativity will take you places. Like Jail. I'm sure they'll be hiring at some think tank for pranks REAL soon. And the Tar-jhay is just down the street if that falls through. You can get all the post-its you want there.

What Crazy Things have you got going on in your life? Crazy shoes? Crazy experience in the check out line? A Crazy Eights game? A Crazy kid phrase or 2? Hop on board the Crazy Train! Just click on "You're Next!" down below and add the link to your "Crazy" post {not your whole blog}. And link your post back to this list so other people can join in on the crazy fun. Just follow the MckLinky instructions once you click below and it will be a breeze.

Unless you are crazy. Then we'll talk.
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In completely different news {that is still kinda crazy}, I am a finalist for a blog award! What in the world? My friend Amber {from Space Camp} nominated me for an award at TheBump.com and I cannot believe I'm a finalist! The finalists are people you've probably never heard of like Dooce, MckMama and NieNie {who was AMAZING on Oprah last week}. Yes. I fit right in there.
NOT. {I love a well-placed "Not", don't you? Too bad the correct placement is in 1990.}
But, if you want to give me a vote {or the others, for that matter!}, hop on over right here to the Stay At Home Mom Finalists.
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Have fun with the crazy carnival and be sure to leave a comment to let new folks know you stopped by!


Antique Mommy said...

If I had been in charge of placing the post-it notes, they would have been more random. And a lot less. Actually I'd leave just one on the windshield with a note saying meet me at Ihop.

Susannah said...

You are soo funny! Hmmm...it's mean but we wrote (in shoe polish) "I love fried rice" on a Vietnamese boys' car once...oopps!! Oh and my students did the post it notes on their car for a conglomerate project(3M is a conglomerate). :) Hilarious!

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Leave it to me to taint the fun of crazy with my rant about mammaries. Sigh. I am such a classy dame! lol
I can't wait to see how many crazy posts you have tomorrow. Just think, you already have 6 and it hasn't even officially started yet! You must have been the Homecoming Queen in Juvie. ;) After reading some of your pranks... I'd be surprised if you didn't end up there!
Love you girl!!!

Mimi said...

And I thought MY neighbor was CRAZY! hahaha! Who has the time to do all those post-its?! This is so much fun, thanks for starting this up sis!

brooke said...

Those pranks are pretty hilarious!! The funniest thing I can remember is when someone stuck pads on the outside of this girls locker. It was stinkin' hilarious at the time!! I just realized that you were from Hunstville, when I read your GIGI's post. I didn't know what the connection was with a friend of mone (kera) who has your link on her blog, and my cousin (Amy) on Florence who also has your link. I feel like I should know you. :) I'm from Huntsville too!! Anyhow...love your blog!!!


Melanie said...

Hillary, i grew up in a very modest - as in proper- home where we never referred to any of the baser bodily functions, such as using the bathroom so i laughed at your hesitancy to use the word toilet.
Some very funny ideas - that i won't let me teenager read - but i did show the boys the truck.
And i will be voting for your blog!

Dawn said...

oh those pranks! glad i didn't go to your high school! :) my mom is a prankster... mostly for april fool's day :) but she has been know to cover the interior of the car with stickers... i can't wait to show her the post-its! ooo... maybe i should show her in person :) this was such a fun idea. let's face it... crazy is no fun on your own!

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Wow, that post-it note car is impressive!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

That post-it truck is impressive. Although, not as much as a car IN the locker room! I’ve TP’d a house before, but I think that’s about it for me. My brother would “peep” other people’s yards in college – similar to forking, but involving those colorful marshmallow peeps. And one time, Mark’s tiny car got turned perpendicular in his parking spot at school. Ha!

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

Great post Hillary!! That truck is crazy, and it had to take some time!! Could you imagine if as adults we randomly did that to each others cars or homes, would it be funny or sad? LOL!! I am voting for you. I love reading your blogs, they crack me up and I always look forward to reading them.

Side note, I have a Gigi's cupcakes about 20 minutes from me!! So good!!

Lori said...

Whoa! Those Post-It bandits are sure patient! I could use a little of their patience, actually... so fun! :) I'll put on my thinking cap and see if my foggy head can come up with anything to share....

Stephanie B said...

To quote a good friend of mine-- "apparently we are leaving our children unsupervised for longer than we'd thought!" How on earth did someone get an entire car into the locker room without an adult noticing!?!?!? Nicely done! Love the post-it truck.

sparkle jars said...

I just discovered your blog and I'm thoroughly enjoying reading your posts. :-)

thedettras said...

Oh plastic cling wrap is fun.... wrap that truck like a package of hamburger meat!!

No Longer Newlyweds. said...

And, to think all these years...I never knew who did all that crap to my parent's front yard. The forks and the tuna fish were really hard to clean up before church on Sunday, but my parents made me do it. I believe you left out the egging of the mailbox too.

Thanks for coming clean. =)

Holley Gerth said...

I love the crazy! A friend of mine once had the brakes of his trucks rewired to his horn. Every stoplight, there you go. I've been known to pull a prank or two myself. My guy friends and I bought fake barf and dog poo just to have handy in junior high (I know...total grossness). Missing you today, Hillary girl!

Holley Gerth said...

p.s. My husband now plays blog pranks on me. For example, he'll pull up my page, point at the comments and say, "Oh, look, so-and-so left you a comment!" I'll squeal, rush to the screen, and then with a sly grin he says, "Just kidding." So wrong.

Holley Gerth said...

p.s. My husband now plays blog pranks on me. For example, he'll pull up my page, point at the comments and say, "Oh, look, so-and-so left you a comment!" I'll squeal, rush to the screen, and then with a sly grin he says, "Just kidding." So wrong.

Tami said...

Having fun with this crazy carnival, but is it crazy that I am making my way through every crazy post, leaving comments along the way AND THEN just now REFRESHED MY BROWSER to see if any other posts had been linked now that I was at the end of the list (which I was not...2 more I had to visit before leaving this comment!) Tami...put down the mouse and get back to the work you are avoiding!

BTW...voted for you! You go Girl!

Susan Bruno said...

Since I went to high school in germany I missed all of the excitement back home of all these pranks! So thanks for sharing what actually goes on in high schoolers lives. Funny stuff. We decorated lockers like for birthdays and stuff. Couldn't TP someone's army quarters because the MP's would put your dad's name on the blotter. But have to admit we were not angels either!!!

Matt, Carrie, Lucy and Molly Allen said...

just posted a link to my blog...sorry it is a little late in the game, but it is better than nothing! and that truck is pretty crazy! i wonder how many sticky notes that took! and congrats on the blog nomination....i am gonna go vote for you now!

Brandi said...

That truck is a too funny (and wow, that had to take all night)!

My husband's cousin went to a private Christian school and I think their graduating class had like 15 or something... we always had a good laugh at her expense because she could say she dated EVERYONE in school and it was true.

Sara Henderson said...

hillary this is Sara henderson! haha i know whose car that is! and i know who did it!

~k said...

Hil! I am so IMPRESSED that you are hangin' with the famous people! I must say I read MckMama and NieNie as religiously as I do you! I voted for you!!!!

Karen Ehman said...

Hey there---So wish I could have participated in your crazy party, but I had to write on the devo I had running at Proverbs. I'll be stopping by more often! Cyber Hugs!

Melissa @ The Littlest Lobo said...

Hillary, Congratulations on your nomination! You are really hanging with the big dogs! I already voted for you once, and I will be doing so everyday!

In my high school days, we did a lot of shaving cream art on cars, and Oreos and mashed potatoes in yards. For the Oreos, you took off one cookie and put the squishy middle on the window panes of the house. For the mashed potatoes, you took the powdered box stuff and sprinkled it all over the yard. Next morning, suds galore! And of course, TP'ing was a staple!

Love your crazy carnival!

Sabrina said...

How exciting that you are up for a blog award!!! I def think that you are worthy, I love reading your blog!!! I wish that I had a chance to post a crazy blog, but I totally missed it this week. Hopefully there will be a repeat next week and I'll spend the weekend trying to come up with something great. Did you ever salt a person's yard? My nextdoor neighbor was a teacher and her yard was constantly getting salt poured on it in different patterns.....once some not so nice language... Enjoyed the posts!

annieck said...

LOVE this idea!!! You are SO stinkin' funny! I love it! Now that you're all "big time", you'll probably forget about us small fries. :)

Beverlydru said...

What a fun carnival! I'm already having fun meeting people and thank you for doing this. I LOVE your sub-heading. I may have always been too big for my britches (in more ways than one).

Anonymous said...

Dear Author www.theothermama.com !
Absolutely with you it agree. It seems to me it is very good idea. Completely with you I will agree.

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

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