Sunday, October 25, 2009

Never. Nada. Not ME!

You know those weekends where you crash land into Sunday night and wonder what happened to the rest of your "down time"? Yep. As much family fun as we had this weekend, it was that kind for me.

And if you happened to have a fall carnival/ trunk or treat/ some other euphamism-without-using-the-word-Halloween get together, then you might have felt the same way, too.

Here are some things that did NOT happen this weekend:

* Getting ready in a hurry on Saturday, I would NEVER wear my 4 year old son’s black dress socks because I couldn’t find any of my own. And I surely did NOT look like I had on black ankle dress socks all day. Not me.

* We took Christmas card pictures and there is no telling what I did NOT bribe/ plead/ beg my children to get the perfect picture. Or one single solitary picture that would work for a card.

* I NEVER would have put poor Henry in the same Halloween costume this year as I did last year just because it still fit. Of course not.
Fall carnival 08 Henry- Tiger 09

* Mr. Incredible broke his elastic band on his mask. And I would never stick double sided tape on his face to complete the costume. Not ME!
2 Mr. Incredibles
* Some mothers might let their little tigers pick up ladybugs girls with a sucker covered in grass. I would NEVER do such a thing. The nerve. Henry putting on the moves

* And there is NO way I ate the vast majority of my kids’ candy from the Fall Carnival this afternoon. Nope.

I'm sure you've heard of Not Me Monday at MckMama's site. I'm excited to participate today and you should jump on over there to see some other things that have NOT been going on this weekend.

What about you? Anything you did NOT do this weekend?


Brandi said...

Awww, so cute! Isn't it just terrible how the can go from looking like a baby one year to a "big boy" the next? :(

I love the costumes with the muscles... so funny.

Your boys are just adorable. ;)

brooke said...

How cute!! gotta do what your gotta do! love it!

Melanie said...

You crack me up, especially the black socks. And by the way, i watched the video of your little one coloring on the cabinets and i just have to say you are one patient mama!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Awww, I'm so bummed you didn't get a good picture! We had similar plans for the weekend, and they also did not work. Boo.

How on earth did you fit into little boys socks? Do you have tiny feet?

That tiger is adorable. And hey, that's the exact same ladybug costume Annalyn is wearing. Aww, it's ALMOST like our kids met! ;)

annieck said...

LOVE it! You are so funny!

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

You slay me!!! And eating your kids' candy after Halloween is a perk of being a parent. No guilt will come from this mama!
(we have reused costumes too. Tim has been Batman many many years. If he didn't love being it so much, I would almost feel bad. But since he is so excited, we will shine the spotlight and let Batman come out of his cave on the 31st once again.

Carrie said...

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of cyperspace!! Your blog is so cute & you're a hoot - too funny! ;) I'll be back to read more, soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing my son's socks right now. What? Is there something wrong with that?

You are so funny! Love all of your photos and "did nots" of the weekend!

My family and I *did not* skip Sunday School and church yesterday.

kassiaann said...

I'm so thankful I'm not the only one!! Thanks for the comment and I'm very glad you found me so I can find you!!

Amy Kennedy said...

That is hilarious about the black socks!! I can't believe they 'sort of' fit!! Glad you wrote that one down for a good memory!

Christina said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I've really enjoyed browsing yours! :)

Susannah said...

That is so funny Hillary! I need that laugh, thanks!

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

I sometimes think Halloween is just a way for moms to get candy easily....make the kids work to get it for us and then enjoy it for them!

Feel free to stop on by:

Tami said...

I did not see anything wrong with anything you did not do :) And for future costume needs, here is one I did not do at the last minute cause I was not over extended and out of time... use eye makeup to draw a black circle around my son's eye, draw a P on an old white undershirt and send him out as a black eyed pea. :-)...

OH...and I say halloween/festival candy is fair game. In fact I'll be posting a cheesecake recipe next week that is a perfect use of the over flowing bounty of candy bars!

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