Friday, January 22, 2010

Girls Getaway, Bella Band and a Jean Story

Ever need a getaway? Just a quick escape from reality for a breather?
Anyone remember that Calgon commercial?

Some dear girlfriends of mine were kind enough to invite me on one of those last weekend! They have met for many years in Birmingham {a central location to all of them} and I was thrilled to be able to hang out with them on Saturday. Birmingham is about a 2 hour drive {or less} so I went down early in the morning and was met with these for breakfast:mcr 020
Now you know why I love them!
Monogrammed cupcakes... For breakfast!
These are my kind of people.

Our day included eating, talking and eating with a tiny dash of shopping.

We went to lunch at this place called Bottega that was amazing! Mary keeps a file for every major city of places she wants to go and this was in the file. I used to be like that... back when I had free brain cells. She is just amazing! { Secretly, we decided she chose this restaurant for the risque lighting, but we just let it go because we love her. }

This is Lane, Heather and Jill
mcr 022
And Holly, Mary and emoi. mcr 026

You may remember Holly, Mary and Lane from the 4th of July. Holly is married to my cousin Marcus, Mary is Holly's sister and Lane is Mary's neighbor and {everyone's} friend.
Heather and Jill were college roommates and Heater grew up with Holly and Mary. If I could put a flow chart on here for you, I would. I told you the South was like this.

After perusing some adorable shops in SoHo {that's South Homewood, peeps}, we noticed a Yogurt Mountain. Have you ever been to one? It was amazing! It was like diving into Candyland {my dream as a child} and pouring yogurt on top!

You pay for your creation per ounce {45 cents/ ounce, I think} and you get one guess as to whose was the most.
Yes. That's right. Mine was on the top left there.
mcr 027

mcr 032

And it was tough. Really unbearable. But somehow we all scarfed it down.
Jan 10.3 016

I left after a long day of eating and laughing and more eating, I drove my fat and happy self back home. A little getaway was just what I needed!

: : : : : : : : :

On Monday or Tuesday this week, I asked the wide world of Facebook if I needed a Bella Band or not. I got a mixed response, reviews and opinions. But my favorite was of my afore-mentioned friend Lane who said, "It's in the mail"! WOW! And sure enough! It got here yesterday.

Here's what a Bella Band looks like. You wear it under your clothes so you can wear your regular non-maternity jeans until you literally can't zip them at all. This is SO much more comfy than the rubber band around the button. I wouldn't have believed it, but I love it!
And, Lane sent me a LIME GREEN one! One of my favorite colors!! Thanks, Lane!!

Jan 10.4 009
Here we are early this morning. How am I up and dressed, etc? That's because my children were up at 5:30 and 6 am {begging to watch Chuggington, btw. Have y'all seen that new Disney cartoon, yet?}. The children who usually have to be dragged out of bed at 7.
Yup. Same ones.

And Jason made me take this pic below. You can see how thrilled I am.
I'm only adding it because of Woody. That's Sheriff Woody, of course. Ollie was insistant that he be in the picture. We laughed so hard when we checked these. That little sneaker.
Jan 10.4 012
This is 13+ weeks if you are keeping track. And remember, my friends, this is child #3. My body said, "Hey! We know how to do this! Everybody to the front... pop out! YAY!!!" and there you have it. I already look kinda preggers.

Quickly- the jeans: they are $150+ Seven jeans. But you probably know by now that I am super cheap and would never pay that. Ne-vah. But, I was cruising the Goodwill {or the G-Dub as I've affectionately started calling it} and SAW THEM THERE! For 5 dolla.
Yes. That will make you holla.
They were a little big, but I figured they would work since I'm a little on the big side right now and THEY DO! I cannot tell you how happy I was.

This level of happiness is like living at Yogurt Mountain and never getting a brain freeze.
And finding perfect shoes on the same day. While someone feeds you monogrammed cupcakes.

Yes- it was that good.

Do you have a G-Dub near you? You really should check it out!
And any girls weekends planned? Cupcakes are a must!


Stephanie B said...

3 things to say---
1) you look fabulous!!!
2) Ollie looks OH so happy in the first pic with the Bella Band.
3) I noticed 3 cupcakes with H monogrammed on them... and you're an H... did they get extra for the baby? ;-) (Just kidding, I counted the other 2 friends who also start with H. I *have* had my coffee today!)

megan said...

I have a Goodwill here, but my Goodwill store is also yours. It's becoming more clear why I don't ever find the good stuff :)

Also, I believe there is a similar yogurt place at Bridge Street. I haven't been in yet (too cold!), but it was definitely a pay-by-the-ounce place.

Rebekah said...

I am going to have to head to yogurt mountain next time I am in B'ham. You look so cute preggo, and I love Woody in the pic. :)

Susannah said...

Love the monogram cupcakes! They look so yummy! I also LOVE the jeans. Wow and look at're so tiny even if you are 13 weeks pregnant! You look great! :)

Laura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laura said...

1)those cupcakes look amazing
2)you look great, and I love your bella band, and love love love Ollie putting Woody in the picture!
3)Great score on the 7's! I told Chris and he said, "she bought seven pairs of jeans for $5?" ha ha.
4)the ocd planner part of me really, really, really wants to see Mary's files on cities. Amazing!

Matt, Carrie, Lucy and Molly Allen said...

hillary-you were in my city so i must say that a) i too love bottega!! b) i also LOVEEEEEE YOGURT MTN! c)where oh where did those cupcakes come from?! d) love the bella band...a friend of mine let me borrow one with molly e)and you look super cute f) next time you are in the ham let me know!

nick, robyn and taylor said...

You look great! I love that you call it the GDub. I, too, am a big fan of Goodwill and have found some great steals, too. And I hear ya on the Seven Jeans. I got some for $8 at Hudson's Dirt Cheap (not sure if y'all have those) and then spend $15 to have them hemmed, because as you may remember I'm a little on the short side. Anyway, I digress. I love them!

dawn said...

I went to G-dub today! I haven't been in like a year and I went today. Got some fun stuff too.

I wish I could reach into your photo for one of those yogurt mountains. right now...I want one.

My sis is due with baby #3 at the beginning of August and she is all popping out too. I should send her over here--you can be preggo together.

happy weekend!

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

I am never lucky at g-dub. I have a love hate relationship with my bella band.

Robyn said...

Lovin' your blog. I can totally relate to the monogrammed cupcakes. Being from the South, we monogram everything - right?

edie said...

OH how fun Hillary! I love SoHo (I have friend who lives there) and all those shops are amazing. I do believe you've made the best GW purchase ever. SEven Jeans?! Can't wait to see you!

The Gunter Family said...

Chuggington...chugger chugger chugger chugger Chuggington! :)
Soooo glad you like the Bella Band. I loved the color too. What a fun recap of our wonderful trip! Your posts always make me laugh out loud.

Brandi Bartee said...

Hillary you look great and I'm glad you had a little getaway. The cupcakes look like they were delicious. Your hair looks awesome and I love the length. Keep up the good work. You might make some of us crazy parents want more kids too.

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

So I am sitting here inconspiciously reading you bloggity, and low and behold- what do my eyes see? 5 dolla make you holla. I gotta tell you, girlie, you pry your way into my heart more and more. How could I not love someone who so willing throws out holla-ing? Amy (the 10yo) asks "What's so funny Mom?" I had to lie and tell her I was laughing about O slipping Woody into the pic. Then I giggled because that didn't sound right either. I need to wash my brain out with soap today, apparently!
And cupcakes for breth-feth?

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Oh, and I suppose no one told you this before, so I'll bust this thing right open.

When you are preggers with baby #1-you show at 5 months.

Baby #2? 10 weeks.

Baby #3--- 5 minutes after conception.

VanderbiltWife said...

An essay on this post:

You are so stinking cute. I am so jealous of your $5 designer jeans!! I got $44 jeans for $16 at Ross this week and suddenly that seems super lame!

I am also jealous of the cupcakes and yogurt. Especially since I am on a super-duper-low-carb-lose-10-lbs-before-Blissdom diet. Um, yeah. Tell that to the sandwich I just ate.

I can't wait to rub your adorable baby belly in two weeks! I am TOTALLY getting a Bella Band with my next pregnancy. With Libbie I was all anxious to wear maternity clothes even though I wasn't really showing until 20 weeks. I was SO sick of my clothes by the time she came out--at 40 weeks and 1 day! I am making my regular clothes last as long as possible next time!

Anonymous said...

i LOVED my bella band! it's fabulous for after pregnancy, too, and for nursing (if you do) because you can so totally cover your belly while you nurse and just lift your top shirt. i, um, actually was still wearing mine about a year ago to fit into jeans that i refused to admit to being to big for.

Heather said...

HILLary, Hillary ... I am having to wipe the tears away I am laughing so hard ... loved the recap, you are a scream! xoxoxo

Eve said...

Okay, I'm reading all of the comments and realize nobody mentioned Chuggington, so I had to. We love it! I'm pretty sure Genna has watched it at least 3 times today and because of that I can't get the song out of my head.... Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-Chungington! You're welcome :-)

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

Hillary you look too cute and that Yogurt Mountain looks oh so yummy!! I think we all need a day or weekend away and I'm glad you got one. With a bun in the oven you deserve it, you're working overtime. Those cupcakes made me think of Gigi's, mmmmmm.

Amy Kennedy said...

mmm bottega is awesome!! we love that place and we've never tried yogurt mtn. but i need to get nathan to check out these pics and that would be all it would take for him! glad you had a fun girls getaway time. you look GREAT too! i never had a bella band but looking back that seems like an essential item (esp. since it's hard to find pants that fit right and even more so when you're pregnant!)

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

So much fun! I can hardly take it all in! :) I never got a Bella Band - I'm glad to hear how it works from a real person. You know, as opposed to all those fake people who talk about maternity wear.

pendy said...

Just got back from a girls' book club...but too tired to post anything on it yet! So much fun...

mary caroline said...

Hello Hillary Ruffle! Loved your recap on our rendezvous! You know you want those sconces in your dining room.

Love your new green bella band look so fab.

craving yogurt mountain,

Donna said...

Wow- I had A LOT of catching up reading to do! You look PRECIOUS! And I think those belly bands are awesome and will get one next time- they are great post-partum as well. So sorry you are sick- this too shall pass!

Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

Cute 13 week baby bump!

I just posted about how much I love Bella Bands. I'm wearing mine all the time now.

I need to go to the Goodwill more often. One of my money saving strategies is not buying ANYTHING, so when I go to the Goodwill it is because someone needs something. :)

Holly said...

By #3 my "normal" jeans were maternity jeans.

Abby said...

I adore your blog! Thanks for making me laugh and inspiring me at the same time.

Dawn said...

what a delicious trip! my kind of breakfast for sure!! sounds like it was a great day of fun! and you do look great... in your $$$ jeans!

annieck said...

Yea for fun with your friends and for GREAT $5 jeans!!! AWESOME!!! :)

Channing and I actually got engaged at Bottega. SO yum!

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