Thursday, January 14, 2010

Zofran and Pickles

I'm still preggers and thought I'd own up to my promise and answer some of your questions.

Q: How did you tell Jason?
A: "Hey, Jas. I think this test is positive!"
It was real complicated and romantic and stuff. And it was about 6 am and I hadn't brushed my teeth, yet.

Q: When did you find out?
A: The week before Thanksgiving.
So that's why I had some nice long bloggy breaks here and there between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Mama needs a little more sleep than usual.

Q: How are you feeling?
A: Well... it's touch and go. I have many days where I'm living on Zofran {anti-nausea meds} and pickles. The tricky part is that I have NE-VAH had any sort of sickness with either of my other pregnancies. So, throw in a few crazy kids and it's been a rough few months.

With all that said, I am so thankful to BE pregnant, that I don't feel like I can complain. I know there are many people who would give their eye teeth {are those a real thing?} to be hovering over a 1970s colored potty.

Q: What does your uterus look like?
A: Okay, nobody really asked that {thankfully; because that's kinda weird}. But here is what it looked like back in December about 6- 7 weeks ago.
Baby #3 6 wk us
See that blob the arrow is pointing towards? That's what been making me sick.
That little blob. Crazy.

Right now I'm 12+ weeks pregnant, so the baby is much larger- as big as a large plum {working it's way through the produce section of sizes, apparently}- and is developing complex things like a digestive system and white blood cells. Our kids are SO smart.

I got to hear the baby's heartbeat on the fetal monitor at the doctor's office for the first time this week, so that's pretty cool. It was around 160 beats per minute so go ahead and take your guesses on the gender! It sounds like a washing machine- from 1950- if you happen to be stuck inside it.

Q: Are you showing?
A: Yes. Totally. I haven't gained any weight {don't worry; I will- PROMISE}, but I look pregnant if you are used to seeing me. I'm not pregnant enough for stangers to come touch me, so I'm happy about that for now.

Q: How did you tell family?
A: I make a calendar for Jason's parents every year with family pictures in it and this year made the calendar with only one picture in July {notice the red, white and blue posterboard?}:
Big news
And then did the same thing for my parents. Super easy and fun!
I actually wrote an article {anonymously} in December for Blissfully Domestic about different ways to tell people you're pregnant at Christmas.

'Cause I'm all kinds of sneaky like that.
And because it was killing me to keep a secret! Ugh! That's so hard!!
So glad we're out of the closet now.

So what else am I leaving out?
I'm going to have repeat C-section, so I'll get to pick a date at the end of July.
Yes, I'm aware July is a hot month. Thanks for checking. :)

I'll keep you updated on my pigging out and popping out, because I'm a full believer in eating whatever you want while your pregnant.
And maybe that's why I have 10 pound babies... Let's not look at the details, okay?


Scott & Liz said...

Sorry to hear you feel ick. I bet a billion people will tell you you're having a girl because you're sick. (??? I wasn't sick with either gender.) Still suggesting July 31, but I'll admit, you get much nicer-feeling drugs with a scheduled C-section. Also go for as early as you can, before the OR gets really booked up &/or thrown off-schedule by emergencies. Can't wait to see more before & after pics of the baby.

Lori said...

Great post - I loved hearing about all the details. Makes me think about having #3 myself, darn you! ;)

BASSakward Tales said...

hill - i am so happy for you....i am a tad jealous cause you know my baby days are over - :(...but as i have said before, i love spoiling everyone else's some pickles for me...

Dawn said...

i love the way you told your parents! it would have killed me to keep the secret that long!! i hope you will be un-nauseous soon... i was never really sick- i bet if i was i wouldn't have gained so much weight? thanks for sharing baby's fisrt photo!!

Lydia said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've been sick. Zofran is definitely a good thing. It kept me from hurling in public for 9 whole months (yes, you read that correctly). Anyway, I really, really hope you feel better soon! Yay for your little peanut's first photo op!

chrisannan said...

Congrats again and thank God for Zofran!!!

Diana said...

Maybe it will be a girl :) I wasn't really sick with Logan at all, not even nausea. But with Cate, I had nausea (no actual throwing-up, thank goodness) and an aversion to poultry. Which was great because I was early-pregnant at Thanksgiving (before I figured out about the poultry-nausea connection) and on a trip to NYC right after Thanksgiving (again, before figuring out the poultry aversion). It was after 3 days in NYC when I would order a poultry dish thinking it would sound good then being totally turned off by it once I got it when I finally figured it out (quick, aren't I?). The tip-off: picking out the pancetta from a chicken and pancetta pasta dish beacause that tasted good and the chicken didn't (ding!).
Cate was a repeat planned c-section. Logan was unplanned c-section. 9lbs 1oz and 9lbs 8oz, respectively. Cate's birthday is July 14, so I know about those July babies in the south!

Melanie said...

Congratulations!! So sorry you are feeling sick. I wasn't sick with my daughter or my son's. Thanks for showing baby's first photo. How sweet!!

Krista Button Harris said...

The baby is gorgeous! I can already tell. "She" definitely doesn't have a beard.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I don't know why, but I really need to know: are you REALLY craving pickles? Because I have never known anyone who actually did that! (And yes, I will absolutely bring you a jar to Blissdom if that's your thing right now!)

Ashley said...

Such a CUTE way to tell your families you were prego!!!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

i was sick with MC...never sick with B. but with her, i literally threw up everyday until i hit twelve weeks. and then it stopped. but until then, i lived on preggy pops, because nothing else would stay down. here's hoping for baby girl dunham!!!

Musings of a Housewife said...

I'm so excited for you!!!

Deidra said...

I'm late to the party, but congratulations! I love the calendar idea!

Gray Matters said...

So exciting - I know the boys will be getting more and more excited!

holly said...

OMG! Just read this and found out you were preggers. I'm so out of the loop. Touch and go living w/ sis and law...not always a computer around, and we didn't set mine up. thought we'd be in a house by now. anyhoo, so happy for you! congrats. now i REALLY love your guts!

Connie said...

Loved the update, even though I am just now looking at it! Loved the way you told your parents. You are so creative! Hope you feel better soon.

MelaKamin said...

Hillary - just popped over here from seeing your comment on LovethatMax blog about sensory play. My 7year old has sensory integration challenges, so I was enjoying all the suggestions on there. And, I had to click on this Zofran and pickles post - I lived on Zofran for both my boys (now 7 & 5) ... actually was on home IV for several weeks with my middle child. Have to say, for not feeling well - you looked amazing at Blissdom. Glad to have met you during the prayer gathering. Blessings on the rest of your pregnancy and enjoy those sweet, silly boys.

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