Monday, January 11, 2010

Rednecks, Meet Snow. Snow, Meet Rednecks.

As you surely know by now, the South is experiencing snow and cold like we haven't seen in decades. {Surprisingly, you haven't seen a lot of Al Gore lately, have you? I'm sure he's snuggled up next to his documentaries and awards and such.}

After last Thursday, we were snowed and iced in until Saturday night, so that made for lots of quality time in the snow and many gourmet redneck meals.

Like pizza and Doritos.
Jan 10.1 042
I believe the snow might be a little bit prettier, so I'll show you some of those pictures.

The first day, the boys just realized they could eat itJan 10.1 038
and make snowballs
Snowball fight
and eat it
Jan 10.1 028
and throw snowballs.
Jan 10.1 026

Then, the next day, I wised up and realized we could use our beach toys and really have some fun.
So Henry "shu-beled"
Jan 10.1 051
and Ollie made giant snowballs with a bulldozer toy
Snow man starters
and then we "shu-beled" some more. Jan 10.1 055
This stuff is actually fun!
Jan 10.1 077
We decided to take to the snowy backyard playground and Henry rode his "bus" all around the yard. He looks thrilled here, but he really was having fun.
Jan 10.1 073
And Ollie made snow tracks on the big wheel. He was in constant motion, so this was the best picture I got. A frame-r, right?
Jan 10.1 071

All in all, we had a terrific time in the snow. I don't know how some people live in it ALL the time, but we can handle it for a few days. And we'll be back in the 50s by the end this week. Halleluiah!

Who has had snow the farthest south? Let's hear from YOU!
Or just tell me about your snow days!


Anonymous said...

Here's a fun idea for snow days that my son came up with last winter: Pack a cooler full of snowballs and wait for daddy to come home from work. The fun really starts to fly then!

pendy said...

In south GA we have all the cold and none of the snow. :(

Melissa said...

The snow skipped us in MS =( How were the milk sandwichs?

trimadsco said...

We had a dusting here in LaGrange, GA (southwest of Atlanta). Not even enough to cover the whole yard. I can handle it for a couple of days too, but I would NOT want to live in it! And whatever is up with this cold weather so many days in a row - it needs to get the heck out of here!

Ivy said...

The snow forgot about us here in Florida...always does! If there was an rain this week, it woul dhave produced snow, this morning it was 14 degrees!!!!!

marge said...

we had snow for Christmas down here, but we didn't end up playing in it. --both the boys were sick.

aren't cold fronts the best?? --hot chocolate, popcorn, candles...and snow... fun.

Jenn McPherson said...

Good idea on the beach toys! At least you get use out of them! We always can't find them (until after we return home from the beach) and just buy lose again the next year, of course!

Susannah said...

Great pics! You guys really got a lot of snow!

Dawn said...

no snow here in southwest florida... even though we were hoping!! there was a mixish of snow/sleet in orlando though! poor mickey & minnie :) we would have taken it in a heartbeat :)

i love your photos!! those boys know how to ahve fun!!

Brandi said...

HAHA... Al Gore. ;) My boys would love some snow, but I doubt they'll get their wish.

Oh, and since I have NO EARTHLY how it happened, I suppose I'll have to blame you... I came to your blog and 'caught' something. ;)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

All summer long all we hear is Global Warming, Global Warming, Yada, Yada. This winter? Silence. So funny!

It has been just too cold here to even play in our winter wonderland. :0(

Mrs. NB

Megan said...

well, seems like I'm in the minority. I dislike snow. Mainly because I've lived with it for almost 10 years. My girls on the other hand love snow!! They have their own snow shovels (the real deal), snow suits, snow boots, etc. I had to laugh at the pics. Seeing your boys walking in the snow with tennis shoes and jeans girls would have LOVED to go out without all the "bulk"!! Although they aren't complaining when they come back in warm and dry!!!

Anonymous said...

I just have to say thank GOD it's you enjoying the snow this year! Last year we had WAAAYYY too much (over 100 inches in all!) so we're enjoying our relatively no-snow winter! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

We had snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - a genuine White Christmas! An event not seen in something like a hundred years...

This past week, all we got was cold. No, make that frigid. So cold that the heat pump went on strike and we had to use electric heat. That is going to hurt big time when the next power bill comes in.

How frigid? Night time temperatures in the teens, day time temps only up to 22 degrees. It stayed that way for six-tee-seven hours. Which was hopefully long enough to kill every danged flea, mosquito and creepy crawly out there!

Amy Kennedy said...

Y'all really got alot in H'ville! We only got a sad little dusting here in Bham and it did not stick at all, but it was still fun to see it flying around outside!! I always get ridiculously excited when the weather says snow flurries and it hardly ever even does that when it's supposed to. Hope you're feeling good these days!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

We've had close to TWO FEET of the white stuff. I actually don't mind snow, but we couldn't even get out and play in it because it's been FREAKING cold. As in, subzero up to the high single digits.


I did get A out a couple times for just a few minutes, but it was hard to get many cute pics. Partly because we went after I got her home in the evening. You know, when it was dark.

Oh well, I'm sure we'll get more snow later. Sometime.

(On a happier note, I love how your kiddos shubbeled!!) :)

Anonymous said...

Next time it snows you should make snow ice cream!!!


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