Monday, January 18, 2010


Here's the thing: I've been completely broken, torn and wrecked from the images coming out of Haiti. And I haven't been able to write about it. Because I don't have the words to understand the level of hell they are living in-- much less be able to convey it into a nice cute blog post that wraps up with a funny ending.

So I won't.

I keep thinking about mothers who can't find their children. Or can't help their friends who are sick and dying. I keep thinking about broken families who are sleeping on concrete without water or food or safety. And I wonder how they make it through the day. They were most likely already poor and living in a land ruled by warlords and gangs. In a home and life that we would consider unfathomable. And now they've lost even the barest of essentials- and quite possibly many of their own friends and family.

Every sermon, message and Sunday School theme yesterday was on control. Not the kind that we think we have... but the fact that God is in control. And bad things happen on earth.

That's it. It doesn't make sense to our feeble human brains and we just have to have faith in God that He is in charge of this crazy place.

Our family decided to help through Compassion International. They have been on Charity Navigator's 4-star list for years and we have a special heart for their work since we sponsor a child {in Guatemaula}.

There are many fantastic charities to use a small amount to make a big impact with this unreal natural disaster.

* I read recently that the Red Cross text donations are up to $21 million! Amazing! I'm sure you can still text "Haiti" to 90999 to send $10 to the Red Cross. You will be billed on your cell phone bill.

* There is an amazing orphanage called Hope for Haiti's Children Center that is also devastated and in need.

* And there is a long and detailed list at Charity Navigator specifically for giving to benefit victims of this earthquake.

My prayer is they somehow find hope in the midst of this tragedy.

That the people who are helping on the ground and throughout the world will find a renewed sense of purpose.

And that God will use this to impact the lives of millions. He has done a number on me {as usual} and I hope that you will be moved enough to help, as well.


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Amen and amen.

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

I totally agree. What those people are going through is unimaginable and leaves me speechless as well. My daughter is in Girl Scouts and they are putting together as many health kits through UMCOR. Our troop is doing one per girl and we have 8 girls. It is a small thing to do but it will give each person a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, a towel and a few other items. There are ways for all of us to help in one way or another.

Kris said...

What a beautiful post you have written. So eloquent and thoughtful. I really appreciate and agree with everything that you've said. And thank you for the great links.

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