Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sugar High

Since V-day has come and gone, we are all coming down from the sugar high.
I'm a fan of any holiday that advertises a fat baby shooting people and encourages eating sweets.

And sweets we ate.

Ollie and Henry's school parties were at the egg-zact same time last Friday. Of course.
So, I ran back and forth to each trying to enjoy each necklace/candy activity, card opening and love celebration.
Here is Ollie (L) opening cards and Henry (R) asking why the heck I kept disappearing?
V-day party collage
Just like last year, we went back to our heart-shaped doughnuts at Krispy Kreme on Saturday.
This is about the point where Henry looked up and said, "Mommy? Daddy? I'm happy".
That's my boy.
Just glad we're teaching him about the important things in life.
Feb 10 051
And please tell me your 4 year olds do this goofy face, too. I believe they have taken "Say Cheeeeeese" to the level that Velveeta has also taken it- nothing similar to the original product.
Feb 10 059
And a little editing action for you here.
I think the crumbly doughnut face and hand just add character {something not offered with most editing software}.
He's like fat Anne Geddes baby. Without a big sunflower to pop out of.
Feb 10 060

Saturday night, we went to eat dinner with some good friends. It was the first party where we took our Wii remotes on the road and played 4 player Super Mario Brothers. And we laughed, screamed and jumped hysterically- all the adults, that is.
I would highly recommend this- especially if you haven't played in oh- 20 years or so.

The wife of the hosting couple's home is my doctor friend and hookup who has checked for ear infections on Sunday nights, called in prescriptions and given me drug warnings over the phone at 10 pm. Everybody needs a friend like her.

And I knew that she would appreciate my cake that I made for the get together.
Feb 10 066
Oh, the jokes. There are so many.
"Would you get your VD off the table?"
"Where's that VD you brought in?"
"A moment on the lips; a lifetime on the.... er... hips- ish"

I only wish it could have made it to Cakewrecks, but, as you can see, I am not a professional cake decorator.

So that was our V-Day weekend: full of sugar, cheese and laughter.
That sounds just about right to me.

How was yours?


dawn said...

first of all, i want a heart shaped donut. they sound lovely.

secondly, my weekend was fun! opening ceremonies party, daughter's friend visited for the first time since she moved from across the country and daughter's boyfriend (8th grade version) spent part of valentines playing wii at our house--although mario cart was the game of choice over here.

Glad you had a sugary, cheesy, giggly good time!

Ashley said...

I LOVE O's big smile, it's the best! Mason has started doing that too, along w/ Mackenzie scrunching up her little nose, it's nearly impossible to get a good normal smile, but I'll take it! Tooo cute! and I love your cake!

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

I feel ya on running back and forth. This party was the first this year that I didn't have to do that, my hubby attended my daughter's while I was at my son's (I'm the room mom so lots to do).

My cheesers like to say "cheesecake" which doesn't comme out real well when taking a picture on cake. LOL.

I love, love, love your cake. So funny! And my famiy is hooked on the new Mario too. Carley calls it Matio. We have it on Wii as well as DS which all the kids (including my husband) play seperately and together.

Ashleigh (Heart and Home) said...

When I mention you or see a post-Nash pic of you, I tell hubs, "That's Hillary--you know, the one who cracks me up?"

So, naturally, I'm laughing.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Please, please do not make your baby jump out of a sunflower. Amen.

Mama Bub said...

Ah, the gigantic CHEESE smile. I'm always telling him to smile "just a little bit less!"

Anonymous said...

Love all of the pics, especially H.'s sepia tone---His eyes are so blue, and cheeks pink!! O. has a beautiful smile and pretty teeth!!
Love the V.D.Cake, too!! LOL

Hollie and Janie said...

I think it looks like a perfect Valentine's Day.... save the VD, of course!!
Mine was spent with my fuzzy valentine and a box of chocolates!!

Lori said...

That cake totally made me chuckle - thanks! :)

Dawn said...

sounds like your VD was toooo much fun! i did not know kripsy kreme made heart shaped donuts... and sadly, now i would like on. or two. okay... eight. i guess it is a good thing there isn't one for miles. many, many miles.

fun to takes your wii remotes on a field trip, huh? we have taken ours only to gramma & grandpas house... but oh so much fun!

Shana said...

VD Cake = hilarious. LOVE it. might steal it from you next year. :) and of course, you're like the mom of the year ALL the time!

Rebekah said...

We spent quality time last weekend w/ the Wii and Mario Bros. So fun! :)

Donna said...

You really have gorgeous children- can't wait to see #3!!!! And I made VD jokes all day Sunday- glad I wasn't alone!

Jenny86753oh9 said...

"A moment on the lips; a lifetime on the.... er... hips- ish"

ROFLhysterically!!! Can't. Get. My. Breath.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Your boys are yummy enough to eat! Soooo cute!

Mrs. NB

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